Stormfish Chaser Weapon Bundle

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The Stormfish Chaser Weapon Bundle is a bundle containing weapons from the Stormfish Chaser Set available for purchase from the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins.

List of bundled items

  • The bundle contains 4 items.
  • Total cost of items separately: 996 Ancient Coins
  • Savings from bundle purchase: 497 Ancient Coins
Stormfish Chaser Weapon Bundle
Image Item Cost Description
Stormfish Chaser Blunderbuss.png
Stormfish Chaser Blunderbuss 249 Ancient Coins "In close-quarters combats, this blunderbuss roars like thunder."
Stormfish Chaser Cutlass.png
Stormfish Chaser Cutlass 249 Ancient Coins "You'll want to be wary of waving this cutlass around in a storm, lest it befriend one of the bolts it resembles."
Stormfish Chaser Eye of Reach.png
Stormfish Chaser Eye of Reach 249 Ancient Coins "You'll need a keen eye and a steady hand to hit your shots while being battered by a tempest."
Stormfish Chaser Pistol.png
Stormfish Chaser Pistol 249 Ancient Coins "A stray lightning strike has warped the metal, but it still shoots straight."

Patch history

  • 3.0.1 (May 23, 2024)
    • Introduced.