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The Calendar of Giving is an Advent Calendar style special event in Sea of Thieves that runs between December 13 - December 24, 2019 during the Festival of Giving (2019) Content Update. Each day, players will receive boosts, Rewards and special Mercenary Voyages that are unlocked by logging in to the game each day.

Official Summary

’Tis the season of giving on the Sea of Thieves, which for some pirates means sharing out their treasure while for others it means being magnanimous with their cannonballs. Stitcher Jim and the various Trading Companies have worked together to honour this special time of year with a series of generous rewards.

On each of the 12 days from December 13th-24th, various bonuses will be available – these range from new cosmetics and special Voyages to reputation boosts from one of the Trading Companies (sometimes all Companies, including the Sea Dogs). Check the calendar below to find out which gifts will be yours for the taking each day!'

Calendar of Giving 2019

Day Rewards
December 13th
December 14th
December 15th
December 16th
December 17th
December 18th
December 19th
December 20th
December 21st
December 22nd
December 23rd
December 24th


  • If players already have any of the Voyages in their Voyage Inventory, they do not get a second one of the same type.