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Shared Stories of The Sea
— Creator Crew Reputation Card

The Creator Crew is an official programme for creatively minded Sea of Thieves fans who enjoy making and sharing content around the game.


Joining the Creator Crew is a great move if you’re a very keen Sea of Thieves player, especially if you’re interested in streaming to an audience and showing off your skills, ideas or adventures. You’ll get access to a hub page offering content creation advice and the opportunity to nurture and showcase your creativity.

Sign-up or login here

Once you sign up to become part of the Creator Crew, you gain access to:

  • The Creator Crew Forums, where you can join a thriving creator community to share and discuss your latest adventures.
  • ‘How To’ tutorials to get you up to speed on all the latest tips and tricks.
  • Streaming challenges that offer in-game rewards for getting started and building your audience.
  • Asset packs full of high-resolution artwork to help your content shine.
  • A chance to step into the spotlight and have your content shared on Sea of Thieves’ official channels.


"Share your adventures and creativity for everyone sailing the Sea of Thieves to behold!"

Share your stories to complete Commendations and earn unique rewards.


Welcome to our growing community of creative pirates!



Watched Time

NOTE: "Seeker of Tales" accumulates time per viewer. (Examples: 5 viewers for 1 hour streamed = 5 hours watched time)