Flags of Friendship

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Flags of Friendship is a two week long event themed around Player Alliances and Encounters.

Official summary

There’s been a recent influx of new pirates on the Sea of Thieves, so Larinna has decided there's no better time to make the seas a more welcoming place. During this Event, you can build up Favour with the Bilge Rats by defeating threats such as Skeleton Ship, Krakens and Flameheart’s forces.

Should you undertake certain tasks while in an Alliance with another crew, you’ll earn additional Favour, so be sure to fly that Alliance Flag and work together to make the Sea of Thieves a safer place! Larinna’s also keeping an eye on those generous pirates who are prepared to share their loot with others, and that might merit a reward too...


Collect Favour through completing Challenges (see below) to earn these time-limited rewards.

Image Reward Requirements
Flags of Friendship Scar promo.jpg Flags of Friendship Scar Earn 150 Favour
Flags of Friendship Makeup promo.jpg Flags of Friendship Makeup Earn 300 Favour
Flags of Friendship Tattoo promo.jpg Flags of Friendship Tattoo Earn 450 Favour
Friend of the Sea Title promo.jpg Friend of the Sea Title Earn 600 Favour

Repeatable Challenges

Earn Favour by completing challenges to unlock Gold Hoarder rewards and boost your Seasonal Renown!

Players may complete any of the following seven challenges to earn Favour.

Image Favour Requirements
Flags of Friendship Ghost Ship.jpg 2 Favour
(x2 Alliance bonus)
Defeating a Ghost Ship. Do so while in an Alliance to earn extra Favour!
Flags of Friendship Skeleton Ship.jpg 5 Favour
(x2 Alliance bonus)
Sinking a Skeleton Ship. Do so while in an Alliance to earn extra Favour!
Flags of Friendship Burning Blade.jpg 25 Favour
(x2 Alliance bonus)
Defeating Flameheart's flagship, The Burning Blade. Do so while in an Alliance to earn extra Favour!
Flags of Friendship Kraken.jpg 5 Favour Attacking a Kraken's tentacle until it retreats back under the waves.
Flags of Friendship World Event.jpg 10 Favour Completing an active Skeleton Fort, Fort of Fortune or the Fort of the Damned.
Flags of Friendship Megalodon.jpg 10 Favour Defeating a Megalodon of any kind.
Flags of Friendship Ashen Lord.jpg 25 Favour Defeating an Ashen Lord on an island or at a Fort.

Long-term Challenges

These larger Challenges last for the duration of the Event and will unlock additional rewards when completed.

Image Reward Requirements
Flags of Friendship Pirate Philanthropist promo.png Pirate Philanthropist Title Supplemental Income

Leave 100 Treasure items aboard another crew's ship to unlock the Pirate Philanthropist Title