Mercenary's Outfit & Item Pack

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The Mercenary's Outfit & Item Pack is an item pack of cosmetic items from the Mercenary Set. The pack was originally offered as a promotional bonus with applicable purchases of 3 months of Xbox Live Gold from select retailers during spring 2018.

The pack later returned in February 2019 at the conclusion of the "Friends Play Free" event as a previously unannounced reward for players who used a Friends Play Free code during the event. The player community quickly took to criticizing the retroactive nature of this announcement alongside the fact that the promotion would largely only target players who didn't previously own/play Sea of Thieves while the existing players would receive nothing in return for introducing new players to the game. In March 2019's 1.4.5 update, the Mercenary items from the pack would be made available in game, available to purchase with gold at each item's respective Outpost shops.

List of included items

Mercenary's Outfit & Item Pack
Image Item Cost Description
Mercenary Belt.png
Mercenary Belt 1,350 Gold "A Famed crew of mercenaries melted down their first gold payment into these commemorative buckles."
Mercenary Boots.png
Mercenary Boots 1,350 Gold "Reluctantly taken as part payment from a destitute client down on their luck."
Mercenary Gloves.png
Mercenary Gloves 1,350 Gold "Give the kind of bone-crunching handshake that ensures prompt payment from anyone who hires you."
Mercenary Trousers.png
Mercenary Trousers 2,700 Gold "Even more reluctantly taken as part payment from the same impoverished and barefooted client."
Mercenary Compass.png
Mercenary Compass 2,800 Gold "When your greedy nose fails to sniff out a reward, you can rely on this to help point the way."
Mercenary Eyepatch.png
Mercenary Eyepatch 3,050 Gold "Reminds everyone that once you make your mark on a contract you see the job through."
Mercenary Pegleg.png
Mercenary Pegleg 4,050 Gold "When a client couldn't pay, their leg was taken away. Now it's yours."
Mercenary Jacket.png
Mercenary Jacket 6,750 Gold "Its deep hidden pockets come in handy to pick up a little extra unscrupulous gold while on a job."
Mercenary Hat.png
Mercenary Hat 6,800 Gold "Tucked inside is a price list of your fortune hunting services. No job too small, no fee too large."
Mercenary Cutlass.png
Mercenary Cutlass 7,000 Gold "A blade that's certainly more trustworthy than you are, sellsword."
Mercenary Pistol.png
Mercenary Pistol 9,450 Gold "Grabbin' Garner, king of the mercenaries, was known to fire solid gold shot from one of these."