Party Boat Wheel

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The Party Boat Wheel is a Wheel from the Party Boat Set in Sea of Thieves.


The Party Boat Wheel can be obtained by the following methods:

  • Purchased from the Shipwright Shop for 69,550 Gold, but requires:
    • The Seeker of Pirate Plunder
      Seeker of Pirate Plunder emblem.png
      Seeker of Pirate Plunder
      Uncover valuable treasures buried by other pirate crews. (25 treasures uncovered)
      • 5
      • 10
      • 15
      • 20
      • 25

Patch history

  • 2.6.1 (September 1, 2022)
    • Completely repairing the Party Boat Wheel will no longer make the repairs appear on the opposite side.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • Introduced.