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Prime Gaming is a programme that offers content drops to Amazon Prime subscribers. To be eligible, players must link their Sea of Thieves account with their Amazon Prime account to be eligible to claim the offered in-game cosmetics and currency.

To link an account, login and sign up on the Sea of Thieves Twitch Prime Gaming page.


To receive the contents of a Prime Gaming drop, they must be claimed through the Sea of Thieves Prime Gaming website during the specified promotional period.


Date Image Items
2021-04-20 Prime Gaming 01 Night Wulf Sails Pack.jpg
2021-05-03 Prime Gaming 02 Ruby Splashtail Wheel Pack.jpg
2021-05-25 Prime Gaming 03 Escapades Emote Pack.jpg
2021-06-07 Prime Gaming 04 Bear & Bird Cannon Pack.jpg
2021-06-21 Prime Gaming 05 Sealife Emote Pack.jpg
2021-07-07 Prime Gaming 06 Elemental Power Figurehead Pack.jpg
2021-07-19 Prime Gaming 07 Elemental Power Flag Pack.jpg
2021-08-03 Prime Gaming 08 Ruby Splashtail Hull Pack.jpg
2021-08-16 Prime Gaming 09 Royal Sea Squirrel Sails Pack.jpg
2021-08-30 Prime Gaming 10 Positive Emote Pack.jpg
2021-09-13 Prime Gaming 11 Blighted Capstan Pack.jpg
2021-09-27 Prime Gaming 12 Cronch Pistol Pack.jpg


Date Image Items
2019-11-25 Twitch Prime Pirate Pack.jpg

Twitch Prime Pirate Pack