Scale Test 2

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Scale Test #2 was the second limited-time test of the Sea of Thieves multiplayer servers. It ran over the weekend of February 23, 12:00 PM GMT, to February 25, 10:00 AM GMT.

As with the first Scale Test, the second Scale Test was open to any players who'd had access to the Closed Beta, and its purpose was primarily to test the player capacity of the Sea of Thieves game servers and measure performance under stress.


New and changed game features introduced in this Scale Test included:

  • Shop prices and reputation progression has been re-balanced.
  • The number of voyages available at each rank in the Gold Hoarders has been temporarily reduced. Voyages are repeatable.
  • If you played in the previous Scale Test your progress has been wiped, but your pirate has not.
  • English is temporarily the only language available.