Scale Test 3

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Scale Test #3 was a limited-time test of the Sea of Thieves multiplayer servers. It ran over the weekend of March 2, 10:00 AM GMT to March 4, 10:00 AM GMT.

As with previous Scale Tests, this Scale Test was open to players who'd had access to the Closed Beta, and its purpose was primarily to test the player capacity of the Sea of Thieves game servers and measure performance under stress.


New and changed game features introduced in this Scale Test included:

  • Players can no longer choose a pirate sprite, and are once again assigned a random pirate at game launch (as was seen in the Closed Beta).
  • Basic versions of the following are automatically available to all players by default:
  • "Sailor" versions of the Blunderbuss and Eye of Reach are no longer sold in the Blacksmith's Shop. Equivalent versions are now automatically available to all players by default.
  • Treasure Chest rarity revamped, with the more valuable Chest types becoming more valuable and less common.