The Plunder Games

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The Plunder Games is a special event with challenges inspired by the real-life Olympics. It will last from July 23rd, 06:00am to August 16th, 06:00am.

Players can track their progress in-game using the Event Menu, or online at the Event Hub page.

Official Summary

Swap your ratty old boots for running shoes and listen for the starting pistol: we’re kicking off our very own sporting contest in The Plunder Games! Inspired by the tournaments of other worlds out there beyond the Shroud, the Bilge Rats want pirates to work up a sweat with their unique new takes on athletic events.

Go for gold – and earn gold – by completing a different Challenge each day, all designed to test your talents in fields such as skilful steering, precision cannon fire and tactical takedowns. Check the in-game Special Events menu or see below for details of active Challenges. Let the games begin!


Work up a sweat by completing these Bilge Rat takes on sporting and athletic Challenges.

A new challenge will unlock once a day until August 8th with all Challenges being able to be completed until August 16th, 06:00am.

Image Name Date unlocked Reward Details
Plunder Games Opening Ceremony.jpg Opening Ceremony July 23 9,999 Gold Light a beacon with a Flame of Fate, using your lantern to begin The Plunder Games!
Plunder Games Volley-brawl.jpg Volley-brawl July 24 9,999 Gold Defeat 10 Skeletons while they're affected by Cursed Cannonballs. Easiest on a beach.
Plunder Games Steeplechase.jpg Steeplechase July 25 9,999 Gold Climb up and ring the bell found high atop the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern.
Plunder Games Big Game Fishing.jpg Big Game Fishing July 26 9,999 Gold Locate and defeat a Megalodon. (Yes, it counts as a sport.)
Plunder Games Vault.jpg Vault July 27 9,999 Gold Pose with grace and strength as you unlock the Vault beneath a Skeleton Fort (or Fort of Fortune).
Plunder Games Trap Shooting.jpg Trap Shooting July 28 9,999 Gold Defeat 3 skeletons at once by detonating a nearby Gunpowder Skeleton. A steady aim will help...
Plunder Games Slalom.jpg Slalom July 29 9,999 Gold Weave this way and that, performing 3 sharp turns while sailing by dropping anchor.
Plunder Games Human Javelin.jpg Human Javelin July 30 9,999 Gold Launch yourself with power and precision from a ship's cannon to land on the deck of another ship.
Plunder Games Fin-nastics.jpg Fin-nastics July 31 9,999 Gold Be swift and nimble to defeat a shark using a Gunpowder Barrel.
Plunder Games Synchronised Sinking.jpg Synchronised Sinking August 1 9,999 Gold Play a shanty aboard your ship as you and your vessel sink below the waves in unison.
Plunder Games Fry-athlon.jpg Fry-athlon August 2 9,999 Gold Unleash the power of flame and burn 3 skeletons at once using a firebomb or Chest of Rage.
Plunder Games Track a Fiend.jpg Track a Fiend August 3 9,999 Gold Sprint and leap across islands until you locate and defeat an Ashen Guardian.
Plunder Games Hurling.jpg Hurling August 4 9,999 Gold With all your strength, hurl a bucket of vomit over an enemy pirate brandishing a sword.
Plunder Games Chest Relay.jpg Chest Relay August 5 9,999 Gold Pass the baton by handing a treasure chest over to another crew and having them turn it in.
Plunder Games Pentath-loot.jpg Pentath-loot August 6 9,999 Gold Run, jump and swim for loot until you have five chests hoarded at once.
Plunder Games Podium Finish.jpg Podium Finish August 7 9,999 Gold Ascend to a small Skeleton Throne (or a large Throne alongside another crew) and sit down.
Plunder Games Closing Ceremony.jpg Closing Ceremony August 8 9,999 Gold Celebrate the end of The Plunder Games by drinking with another crew while at an Outpost.