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Ah, you're here at last. I was told to expect you.
It's not every day I receive a message from the Pirate Lord himself...
Years ago, I used the Shroudbreaker and was the first to reach the Devil's Roar and founded this outpost.
I gained a reputation for succeeding at the impossible, but not even I dared to try for the Shores of Gold.
I must say, I'm impressed!
Here's the Shroudbreaker, fully restored.
Once it's aboard your ship, it should protect her long enough to reach your destination.
Wander off course and... well, you might not live to regret it.
There's a book for you too, signed by the Pirate Lord. Whatever it may say, I'd advise you to read it carefully.
When the greatest pirate who ever lived takes the trouble to write to you, it's got to be something worth taking to heart.
As for me, all I can do is wish you luck.
You're obviously brave and certainly talented, but nothing you've faced so far compares to the dangers ahead.
There may not be any people living there, but that doesn't mean the Shores of Gold are deserted…

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Dear Pirate,

If you are reading this letter, you have battle overwhelming odds and restored the Shroudbreaker in your quest to reach Tribute Peak, the island you know as the Shores of Gold.

It is time you learned the truth about your journey so that you may prepare for the many dangers that lie ahead.

The Devil's Shroud moves like a great living beast, ebbing and flowing according to its moods.

Once, it briefly fell away from Tribute Peak. This granted passage to a man whose insatiable greed had poisoned his heart. What he found there transformed him forever.

You alone now possess the menas to reach the Shores of Gold and destroy the darkness that lurks at the island's heart!

I have been able to recover a few scraps of knowledge, penned by Briggsy herself. With them, I trust you'll be able to solve the island's many mysteries and open the path to its heart.

Succeed in your quest, and songs of your adventure will fill every tavern on the Sea of Thieves for years to come...

Fail, and you forfeit your soul.

=Pirate Lord

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The Shroudbreaker will be fitted onto the helm to enable the ship to sail into the Devil's Shroud towards the Shores of Gold located on Y-3 (Though not past the map border). Briggsy crashed on the Southwest shore, and found a way into the crypts through a beheaded stone throne among the statues. The southeast is a good position to fire into the opening.

Briggsy explored four vaults on the island that contain the medallions necessary to unlock the compass vault.

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Always four of the same but had to tread carefully!
— Briggsy

Briggsy suggests that the solution is the same gylph on all columns. Work quickly so the cascading spike trap does not kill you.

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Far too easy for an adventurer like me! Had to get out of there when I saw some of 'his' minions approaching.
— Briggsy

The Gold Hoarders' banner hangs above as a reference. The length of the logo must be matched on the columns.

Double Quotations Left.png
Close to where I 'left' my sloop. this vault has seen getter days. Glad I've been doodling in my notebook.
— Briggsy

Briggsy drew a collection of glyphs enclosed in three circles. These circles indicate the glyphs used in each vault puzzle.

Double Quotations Left.png
Up and down and all around. The ancient have hidden secrets in their structures all over this island. guess its time to explore!
— Briggsy
Tribute Peak Map.jpg

The vault indicates four structures to visit in order, which will provide the correct glyph for each of the columns. Briggsy has also written these locations.

The compass vault unlocks to provide the Gold Hoarder's coin that will open the door into the crypts below the stone throne. The statue's opening has a lever for the coin carrier to enter.

Belly of Gold

The Gold Hoarder 02.png

The normal route is destroyed, leaving a trapped passage to traverse. There are checkpoint bells along the path, as well as mermaid statues that will transport you to the ship.

  1. Spiked traps that are remarkably quick.
  2. Jumping challenge, with a timed section powered by an anchor capstan. (No sprinting required)
  3. Swinging spike trap.
  4. Skeleton horde room. Door is powered by capstan.
  5. Swinging blade hallway.
  6. Skeleton horde room. Door is powered by capstan.
  7. Large chamber with three levers to open the door, decorated with pressure plates.
  8. The bridge to the final chamber is powered by capstan.

Final Battle

Shores of Gold Ending.jpg

The Gold Hoarder's behavior is akin to other skeleton lords, but is far more durable. The enclosed space makes an advantage for his minions with ranged weapons, however is stocked with ammo and food- but this supply is limited, and you cannot retreat from the room. It is recommended to eliminate the ranged minions to make fighting the Gold Hoarder easier.


The Pirate Lord will appear once The Gold Hoarder has been defeated, who drops the Gold Hoarder's Skull.

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Now this is what I like to see! A grand adventure, a fight to the death and a great big pile of treasure!
You'll have quite the tall tale to tell once you make it home.
The trouble with being the Pirate Lord is that everybody tries to follow in your footsteps.
Briggsy. Graymarrow. The crew of the Morningstar. Why, I ask you?
This place, this Sea of Thieves, is bigger and stranger than any of us know.
I reckon you've learned as much, or you wouldn't be standing here.
There'll always be new stories to tell, riches to plunder, and monsters to chill the blood of anyone brave enough to seek them out.
As for the Gold Hoarder, I doubt we've seen the last of him.
It's never that easy to scrub away the stain greed leaves behind.
Still, I'm sure he'll think twice before picking a fight with you again!
For now, I'd leave the treasure be. Its power has claimed the hearts of too many pirates already.
That skull should fetch a pretty penny with the Order of Souls however, if you are so inclined.
Whatever you choose, take care not to linger! For the Shroudbreaker's power is nearly consumed.
I'll have my envoy return it to its resting place ready for some other crew to test their mettle.
Perhaps we'll meet again over a grog or two!
My door's always open to true Pirate Legends. Until then, fare well, and remember...
It's not about the gold...
It's about the glory!

The Shroudbreaker will despawn upon reentry into the Sea of Thieves.


  • Sitting on the Gold Hoarder's throne has no in-game effect.
  • There is no penalty to lingering on Tribute Peak.
  • There are some differences from the release interation:
    • The Pirate Lord signed his letter using his real name, Ramsey Singh.
    • The Shroudbreaker glowed a more promiment pink.
    • There was no spectral cutscene, just Ramsey talking.