Hunters of the Deep

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Hunters of the Deep is a 14 day long event tasking players to complete challenges to earn points that work toward unlocking ship cosmetics from the Shrouded Ghost Hunter Set. These challenges are categorised under two sections, 5 One-off Challenges, and 5 Repeatable Challenges that reward players with shark teeth tokens. The one-off individual challenges reward players with 5 teeth. As players earn Shark Teeth, parts of the Shrouded Ghost Hunter Set become unlocked.

Players can track their progress on the official Hunters of the Deep event page.

Official summary

Legend tells of a sailor who went mad in the hunt for a white whale… but you're a pirate on the Sea of Thieves, so that'd be a white Megalodon! The Shrouded Ghost, most mysterious of maneaters, remains as elusive as ever. If you're on its trail, why not look the part with the Shrouded Ghost Hunter ship livery!


Image Reward Requirements
Shrouded Ghost Hunter Flag promo.jpg Shrouded Ghost Hunter Flag

Unlocked at 25 Shark Teeth

This flag is raised by Shrouded Ghost hunters, warning other crews to seek out their own elusive sea monsters! Just a few Shark Teeth will net you this swag

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Hull promo.jpg Shrouded Ghost Hunter Hull

Unlocked at 50 Shark Teeth

Collect enough Shark Teeth by completing challengs to earn this pale, red-stained hull. Is it the blood of Megalodons... or Megalodon hunters?

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Figurehead promo.jpg Shrouded Ghost Hunter Figurehead

Unlocked at 75 Shark Teeth

Collect plenty of Shark Teeth to claim a striking spear-tipped figurehead that makes it clear to anyone, be they pirate or piscine predator, that you are not playing nice.

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Sails promo.jpg Shrouded Ghost Hunter Sails

Unlocked at 100 Shark Teeth

Collect a full set of Shark Teeth to unlock the menacing Shrouded Ghost Hunter Sails! Try not to frighten yourself each time you unfurl them.

One-off Challenges

The following challenges can only be completed once for their Shark Teeth reward.

Image Reward Requirements
HOTD Umbra.jpg 5 Shark Teeth Find and read Umbra's Journal about The Hungering Deep at Devil's Ridge to earn a one-off reward of 5 Shark Teeth.
HOTD Merrick.jpg 5 Shark Teeth Find and read Merrick's Journal at The Reaper's Hideout to earn a one-off reward of 5 Shark Teeth.
HOTD Blue Flame.jpg 5 Shark Teeth Acquire a blue Flame of Fate for a one-off reward of 5 Shark Teeth.
HOTD Beacon.jpg 5 Shark Teeth Light a beacon with a blue Flame of Fate for a one-off reward of 5 Shark Teeth.
HOTD Shark Meat.jpg 5 Shark Teeth Deliver 10 shark meat portions to The Hunter's Call for a one-off reward of 5 Shark Teeth.

Repeatable Challenges

The following challenges may be repeated, rewarding Shark Teeth each time they are completed.

Image Reward Requirements
The Hungering One thumb.png 10 Shark Teeth Hunt down The Hungering One and earn 10 Shark Teeth for each kill
The Crested Queen thumb.png 20 Shark Teeth Crush the Crested Queen and earn 20 Shark Teeth for each kill.
The Shadowmaw thumb.png 30 Shark Teeth Subdue Shadowmaw and earn 30 Shark Teeth for each kill.
The Ancient Terror thumb.png 40 Shark Teeth Trash the Ancient Terror and earn 40 Shark Teeth for each kill.
The Shrouded Ghost thumb.png 100 Shark Teeth Slay the Shrouded Ghost and earn 100 Shark Teeth for each kill.