Mutinous Fist Set

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The Mutinous Fist Set is a Cosmetic Set themed around Bleeding Edge, an online combat video game developed by Ninja Theory. Its parts were made available to all players who played Sea of Thieves between April 3rd - 6th, 2020. The entire Set of the Ship cosmetics were made available as rewards for the two-week long Twitch Drops event from June 3rd to June 16th.

Set Components

This set currently contains only Ship Customisations.

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: n/a
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Mutinous Fist Cannons.png
Mutinous Fist Cannons
n/a Cannons "These cannons are always primed to fight oppression and control. And the occasional merchant."
Mutinous Fist Capstan.png
Mutinous Fist Capstan
n/a Capstan "The rebels who made this capstan have a rule: everybody pushes, or nobody pushes."
Mutinous Fist Figurehead.png
Mutinous Fist Figurehead
n/a Figurehead "The Mutinous Fist are legendary rebels on the edge of society, refusing to follow any rulers."
Mutinous Fist Flag.png
Mutinous Fist Flag
n/a Flags "The flag of a faction of rebellious pirates who vowed to never be ruled again."
Mutinous Fist Hull.png
Mutinous Fist Hull
n/a Hull "A blood-red deck is ideal for crews that train for battle by holding fighting contests."
Mutinous Fist Sails.png
Mutinous Fist Sails
n/a Sails "The mark of the Mutinous Fist, a band of pirates who rebelled against the Pirate Lord's rule."
Mutinous Fist Wheel.png
Mutinous Fist Wheel
n/a Wheel "The Mutinous Fist, being equal anarchists, each take turns at the wheel. In theory, anyway..."


Patch history

  • 2.0.13 (March 12, 2020)
    • Introduced.
    • Added Mutinous Fist Flag, Hull, and Sails as time-limited cosmetics earned by playing between April 3rd and April 6th, 2020.