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The No Man's sea is an unnamed and unclaimed region of sea central to the three main regions of The Sea of Thieves. This area of sea is home to two notable locations, The Reaper's Hideout (charted), and The Glorious Sea Dog (uncharted).

Region-specific fish cannot be found here, making it ideal for catching non-regional fish variants such as the Shadow Stormfish and Twilight Stormfish while inside Storms.

There are no Trading Companies or Outposts within this region of the sea. However, the Reaper's Bones maintain a presence at their base, The Reaper's Hideout, found on a previously uncharted island.


The No Man's sea is home to three islands, two of which are uncharted.

Name Coordinates
Islands The Reaper’s Hideout I-12
Uncharted Islands The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern K-11
Uncharted Island (K-9) K-9