Uncharted Islands

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There are a number of "uncharted" locations that do not appear on the Map.

  • K-9: A crescent formation of land with an old shipwreck in the center pool overgrow by coral, with evidence on the land of people surviving there for some time (hammock, pots, skeletons, chains). Two skeletons can be found, one lay against a boulder, the other sitting at the edge of a cliff in slumped position. It appears they killed each other during a fight or duel. There's an underwater cave system that leads to a small candlelit cavern that contains some Barrels. Some players have named this island Dog Island or Canine Island as a joke, since the uncharted island is now located on the coordinates K-9, as K-9 is a common reference to dogs, or "canines."
  • N-13: Small land and rock formations with an underwater cave system that leads to a dark, hollow air pocket chamber, containing an ancient tribal statue. There are also large number of shipwrecks laying around from the Island and a temple hidden within an cave system underneath the coral reef located West from Island, with also has a stone altar with triangular hole in it. No items or resources. Since the Anniversary Update event, the shipwreck of the Magpie's Wing, with debris scattered on the west beach. Some players have started calling the uncharted island Magpie's Fall after the sunken ship.
  • The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern (K-11): A group of four slanted rocky islands surrounding one large rocky island with triangle-shaped arch and a towering peak. Before the Forsaken Shores, the rocky islands were located at the very center of the Map on the borders of M-13, M-14, N-13, and N-14. Unlike other rocky islands that are normally surround by choppy waters, the water surrounding these tends to be calm. With the Anniversary Update, The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern was built onto the peak by the Sea Dogs to host The Arena. The Peak is unique in that it houses all of the different Shops similarly to an Outpost, but no Companies to turn in Treasure to. At the front door of the Tavern is Amaranta who represents the Glorious Sea Dogs in Adventure Mode. The Peak is surrounded with five smaller ports adorned with the flags of each of the five teams of the Arena, with each of these having a Cannon facing towards the Tavern itself.
  • Tribute Peak: Tribute Peak, (also known as the Shores of Gold) is a giant landmass found deep within the Devil's Shroud located at coordinates Y-2. Added during the Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update. A remote, sacred island protected by the Devil's Shroud. Only those worthy of the Shroudbreaker can make their way to her shores with its power. As such, it is impossible for others to follow those with the relic. The island is also the location for the final Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold arc, the Shores of Gold.


I-12 and J-12: This Island was charted and named The Reaper’s Hideout with the Festival of Giving (2019) update. Two small, empty islands with no items or resources. The only thing of interest on land is a broken tent, hinting that there were castaways or shipwreck survivors on the island. There are some underwater ruins (a stone gate and building foundations) similar to those found at another island. There is also a cave system that leads to an exit out in the coral reef. There are multiple shipwrecks and a large coral reef surrounding the islands, and an oceanic trench nearby where at the very bottom lies a large skeleton of an unknown sea monster. There are also underwater ruins of a temple complex similar in design and layout to the temple located at N-13, with a stone altar with a triangular hole in it. Since The Hungering Deep event, the shipwreck of The Killer Whale can be found here with its mast sticking out of the water. Some players have started calling the uncharted island Killer Whale Island or Orca Isle after the sunken ship.