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Sailor's Grave is a ghostly town littered with shipwrecks within the Sea of the Damned, visited during the A Pirate's Life Tall Tale. Here pirates will meet the Cursed Captain who, after having been rescued from his cage, will guide pirates around the town with many voice lines depending on the location and situation. Sailor's Grave has many secrets to find aside from the main storyline, awarding pirates with Commendations for completing certain tasks around the town.


There are a number of locations within Sailor's Grave:

  • Cursed Captain's Cage: A suspended cage containing the Cursed Captain's skull. Pirates must traverse obstacles in order to climb their way up to set him free.
  • The Last Stand Tavern: The Tavern in Sailor's Grave is built into the insides of a wrecked galleon. It is full of ghostly pirates singing Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life). The Cage Key can be found here by lowering the chandelier. On the upper deck, one of the Cursed Captain's Journal, The Haul of a Lifetime, can be found on a table up here. In the Captain's Cabin of this wrecked ship, a map can be found leading to the location of Poor Dougie.
  • The Lighthouse: This crooked lighthouse is the tallest building in Sailor's Grave, looking over the town. After climbing the derelict spiral staircase, pirates can light the beacon and move the beam, allowing for the lighting of multiple braziers around the area.
  • Ship of Thieves: This wrecked galleon is accessed via the rear and unlocked using the Ship's Key. Once unlocked, pirates will receive the Ship of Thieves Commendation. Upon entering, Gold can be awarded to pirates who collect gold piles from the Captain's Cabin. On deck, the sail angle can be altered, allowing for light from the lighthouse to pass through, lighting the brazier on the other side. Lighting this brazier will unlock the Headless Monkey shipwreck.
  • Bedroom: In the front of a repurposed beached wreck is the bedroom of a skeleton lying in bed. The skeleton is holding the map to Poor Dougie's Chest which can only be put into view once the magnifying glass has been moved. After passing through the door and heading up the stairs, lanterns can be lit. Opening the curtains downstairs again will allow for enough light to pass through the windows to make the map readable.
  • Gambling Den: Sailor's Grave's Gambling Den can be found in the back of a shipwreck near the entrance to the Last Stand Tavern. Inside, a  chess board lies on a table with two skeletons playing. One of the Cursed Captain's Journal, Off the Edge of the Map can be found on a table in this room.
  • Headless Monkey Shipwreck: After lighting the beacon, a bridge begins to lift unveiling a new area within Sailor's Grave. The Headless Monkey shipwreck is a reference to the game series Monkey Island. The music playing in this area is a version of the Monkey Island game theme. There are five Headless Monkey Journals to find in and around this wrecked galleon. Two of which require the Headless Monkey Key found by the helm of the ship, to open the door to the Captain's Cabin. Entering the Headless Monkey area for the first time will reward pirates with the Secret of the Grave Commendation.
  • The Golden Hare: The Cursed Captain's ship is identified by its red sails with crossed swords. Once the Cursed Captain allows access, pirates may head on deck where the ship's ghostly crew is there to welcome back their captain. Upon placing the Cursed Captain back on his body, the Cabin Key may be used to progress out the back of the vessel.


Commendations achievable from within Sailor's Grave:

A Pirate's Life
Name Requirement
Tales of the Dead Rescue the Cursed Captain.
Waiting for Eternity Summon the Ferry of the Damned to Sailor's Grave.
Raising the Dead Learn what happens to pirates who betray other pirates.
Treasure for the Dead Return a treasure to its 'rightful' owner.
A Powerful Thirst Help quench the thirst of one who cannot help themselves.
Ship of Thieves Find a way to open the door of a locked ship.
Secret of the Grave Discover the secret of Sailor's Grave.





Patch history

  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • Introduced.