Wish You Were Here

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Wish You Were Here is a week-long event in Sea of Thieves. The event offers increased rewards earned from selling Ashen and Coral treasures and the opportunity for players to earn cosmetics by completing challenges.

The event is in celebration of the release of "The Rough Guide to Sea of Thieves", available to download for free beginning September 14, 2023.

It was scheduled to run from September 14, 2023 (10am UTC) to September 21 (10am UTC), however it was announced in in the final hour of the event that due to Goals not working as intended the end date would be extended to September 25, 2023 (10am UTC)[1].


Complete Goals across the two Challenge Cards to unlock four time-limited cosmetics, ahead of their arrival for everyone in a future update.

Image Item Requirement
Refined Gold Speaking Trumpet Complete 3 Goals.
Refined Gold Spyglass Complete 6 Goals.
Refined Gold Cutlass Complete 9 Goals.
Cartographer Tattoo Complete 12 Goals.

Challenge Goals

Novice Explorer

Novice Explorer

"Relax and unwind with some low-stakes, accessible exploration goals."

Image Name Details
Event Challenge Ship Path small.jpg Island Hopping Tour Visit islands in three different regions of the Sea of Thieves.
Event Challenge Siren small.jpg Underwater Exploration Visit three Siren Shrines, Siren Treasuries or Shipwrecks.
Event Challenge Keys small.jpg Historic Sightseeing Clear out a Sea Fort, Siren Treasury or Gold Hoarder Treasure Vault.
Event Challenge Fish Group small.jpg Serene Fishing Catch three fish.
Event Challenge Food small.jpg Master Chef Cook food on an island at night, on your ship, and using all four pans on a Sea Fort stove.
Event Challenge Tankards small.jpg Tavern Crawl Take a seat in three different taverns.

Experienced Navigator

Experienced Navigator

"Put your exploration skills to the test with a series of more elaborate Goals."

Image Name Details
Event Challenge Merchant Alliance small.jpg World Tour Visit five islands or Sea Forts in each region of the Sea of Thieves.
Event Challenge Skeleton Fort small.jpg Castle Tour Clear out Skeleton Forts or Siren Treasuries in two different regions of the Sea of Thieves.
Event Challenge Chests small.jpg Treasures from Ancient Battlefields Unlock the vault in a Fort of Fortune or the Fort of the Damned.
Event Challenge Skeleton Ship small.jpg The Naval Battle Experience Battle three Ghost Fleets, Skeleton Fleets, Kraken or Megalodons.
Event Challenge Fish small.jpg Accomplished Angler Catch a Trophy Plentifin, Wildsplash, Ancientscale, and Devilfish.
Event Challenge Compass small.jpg Singed Supplies Complete two Voyages in The Devil's Roar for the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls or Athena's Fortune.