Fort of Fortune

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Fort of Fortune is a raid style World Event encounter that rotates regularly with other World Events. The encounter is hosted at most Skeleton Fort locations.

This raid experience offers a tougher challenge than a regular Skeleton Fort encounter and rewards a more profitable collection of treasure upon completion.

When a Fort of Fortune first spawns at a location, a loud, booming horn-like tune plays across the world as its signature red scarred skull cloud appears in the sky above the Fort.


Almost all regular Skeleton Fort locations may be chosen to stage the event.

Note: Fort of Fortune does not spawn at Molten Sands Fortress.


The Fort of Fortune raid consists of 18 waves of skeletons; The first 15 waves act mostly identical to waves of a Skeleton Fort, with the added difference of every 4-5th wave will spawn 3 Skeleton Captains and the waves themselves compose of tougher foes.

The 16th wave is identical to the last wave of a Skeleton Fort, with a wave of one skeleton type and the first Skeleton Lord boss, the Mutinous Helmsman.

The second-to-last wave consists of a single wave of a skeleton type and the remaining two Skeleton Lords, the Two-Faced Scoundrel and The Duchess).

The final wave consists of a single skeleton wave and an Ashen Lord. The Ashen Lord will act similar to their Ashen Winds battle, with the difference of the inability to perform the Boulder Throw attack.

Once the Ashen Lord is defeated, the raid is complete. The Ashen Lord will drop its usual Ashen Winds Skull and the Fort of Fortune Key to open the Fort's stronghold vault.


Rewards from the Fort of Fortune raid are available by direct enemy drops, maps dropped by enemies, and most notably the treasure found within the Fort's stronghold vault.

Enemy rewards

Total treasures dropped by enemies throughout the Fort of Fortune raid:

Source Rewards
Skeleton Captains
Ashen Lord

Vault rewards

The vault under the fort's stronghold can be unlocked using a Fort of Fortune Key dropped by the Ashen Lord in the final wave of the Fort of Fortune encounter. It can contain the following:


Scourge of Brutal Bastions emblem.png
Scourge of Brutal BastionsDefeat 10 Forts of Fortune.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 1
  • Grade II: 3
  • Grade III: 5
  • Grade IV: 7
  • Grade V: 10


  • The Fort of Fortune Key dropped by the final boss is visible on the map, making it impossible for the key to be hidden from other players.
  • If the Vault is left unopened after completion, and a regular Skeleton Fort happens to spawn at the same location, the Fort of Fortune Key will be unusable. However, the vault will have all the loot from both Forts, which can then be opened by a regular Stronghold Key.


  • Many of the treasures dug up from the Skeleton's Orders during the first 15 waves can be used as weapons against the Skeleton Lords and the final Ashen Lord boss.
  • The large number of Gunpowder Barrels on a Fortress are intentionally present to assist in dispatching waves of Skeletons and are especially useful against more durable enemies. Gunpowder Skeletons can also be used in the same way.
  • Firebombs are also useful in defeating groups of skeletons quickly; Either from your ship's supplies or from crates unburied from Skeleton Orders.
  • If you can lure the Skeleton Lords or the Ashen Lords to the beach or a visible spot, you can position your ship's cannons towards these enemies and kill them with cannonballs.
  • Once the fort is cleared, it is recommended to check the fort for players hidden in towers or areas where skeletons were trying to reach to sniff out potential ambushes or incoming ships looking to reap your hard-earned rewards.
    • Ships can be dealt with by using the kegs, buried in the fort in preparation for an ambush.
  • When you have finished a Fort and are looting the vault, make use of the ship's harpoons to make transporting treasure easier. Try parking your Ship closer to the Vault.
    • Many Forts also spawn a Rowboat to help with Treasure transport.
    • It may be wise to load Gunpowder Barrels on first or onto any rowboat to safeguard them against looters or saboteurs. If you do not want the risk of transporting such dangerous goods, you may wish to detonate the entire stock of the vault prior to looting to keep enemy players from weaponizing those kegs against you.


Patch history

  • 2.8.0 (March 16, 2023)
    • Fort of Fortune encounters have been rebalanced to dynamically scale in difficulty based on the number of Player Pirates in the fight.
    • The Chest of Fortune can now be found in the vaults of Forts of Fortune.
    • Forts of Fortune will now appear more frequently.
  • (March 24, 2022)
    • Crews will now find a steady rotation of World Events taking place across the seas.
  • 2.2.1 (August 17, 2021)
    • Killing an Ashen Lord during a Fort of Fortune encounter should now correctly progress Ashen Winds Commendations.
    • Improved client stability during Fort of Fortune encounters.
  • 2.1.1 (May 6, 2021)
    • A wider range of Forts can now arise as fabled Forts of Fortune. Shark Fin Camp, Sailor’s Knot Stronghold, Lost Gold Fort and Kraken Watchtower have joined the locations capable of housing this dangerous encounter.
  • 2.1.0 (April 15, 2021)
    • Introduced.