Fort of the Damned (location)

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Disambig.png This article is about the location. For other articles with this name, see Fort of the Damned (disambiguation).

Fort of the Damned (previously Old Boot Fort) is a Fortress located within The Ancient Isles at coordinate L-14.

The Fort

Mysteriously transformed, the Fort is surrounded by thick fog, with its structures decorated with large chains and green lights reminiscent of the Ferry of the Damned.

Unique features

The Fort of the Damned is a unique Skeleton Fort hosting a special raid unlike other Skeleton Forts Raids.

  • It must be activated by Players using 1 Ritual Skull and all 6 Flames of Fate.
  • The Fort Raid can be active at the same time as other Skeleton Forts.
  • There are no Tower Fortifications in the waters surrounding the Island.
  • There are no Cannons in its fortifications.
  • The Fort is always surrounded by a thick Fog that cannot easily be seen into, however anyone inside the Fog can see outward.
  • An active Fort of the Damned will have a grey skull cloud with red eyes.

The Raid

Once activated through completing the Ritual (requiring either 1 Skull of Destiny or 1 Ritual Skull and all 6 Flames of Fate), Players must fight through waves of Shadow of Fate Skeletons of varying colours, and the Ghost of Graymarrow Skeleton Lord. Once defeated, the Ghost of Graymarrow will drop the Fort of the Damned Key to unlock the Fort's vault, gaining access to the lucrative bounty within.



The Fort of the Damned:

Old Boot Fort:



Patch history

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