Labyrinth Looter Set

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The Labyrinth Looter Set is a Cosmetic Set in Sea of Thieves featuring a Minotaur theme. Its items are available to from the Pirate Emporium.

Set Components


  • Total Cost: 999 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Labyrinth Looter Costume.png
Labyrinth Looter Costume 999 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Costume "The mask might smell awful, but it’s worth it for the intimidation. Just try to take shallow breaths."


  • Total Cost: 249 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Labyrinth Looter Drum.png
Labyrinth Looter Drum 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Drum "If a drum isn't enough for you, it doubles as a maze puzzle to keep you entertained on long nights at sea."


  • Total Cost: 996 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Labyrinth Looter Blunderbuss.png
Labyrinth Looter Blunderbuss 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Blunderbuss "The wide spray of this blunderbuss is perfect for tackling even the largest and most monstrous of foes."
Labyrinth Looter Cutlass.png
Labyrinth Looter Cutlass 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Cutlass "The grooves make this blade more difficult to clean than most, but you're not about to let that stop you."
Labyrinth Looter Eye of Reach.png
Labyrinth Looter Eye of Reach 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Eye of Reach "When hunting down monsters of myth and legend, it can be best to shoot from a distance."
Labyrinth Looter Pistol.png
Labyrinth Looter Pistol 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Pistol "At least if you miss, you still have the option of trying to hit your opponent with this pistol's horns."

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: 4,890 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Labyrinth Looter Cannon Flare.png
Labyrinth Looter Cannon Flare 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Cannon Flare "Imbue your cannonballs with the strength and fury of a raging bull, wreathed in the flames of your greatest victory."
Labyrinth Looter Cannons.png
Labyrinth Looter Cannons 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Cannons "The carvings ensure that all your cannonballs will pack the punch of a charging bull."
Labyrinth Looter Capstan.png
Labyrinth Looter Capstan 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Capstan "Pirates should be careful not to bring an open flame too close to this capstan if they don't want a fiery surprise."
Labyrinth Looter Collector's Figurehead.png
Labyrinth Looter Collector's Figurehead 799 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Figurehead "Built with gold to flaunt your wealth, weapons to highlight your ruthlessness and a skull to celebrate your victories."
Labyrinth Looter Collector's Sails.png
Labyrinth Looter Collector's Sails 799 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Sails "Stamped with the emblem of one of your greatest slain foes, these sails let everyone know of your accomplishments."
Labyrinth Looter Figurehead.png
Labyrinth Looter Figurehead 599 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Figurehead "Charge through the waves with this tribute to a mythical guardian leading the way."
Labyrinth Looter Flag.png
Labyrinth Looter Flag 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Flags "Tattered and worn with age, this flag is a mark that you have endured the tests of time and come out victorious."
Labyrinth Looter Hull.png
Labyrinth Looter Hull 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Hull "If you replaced every wooden board of this hull, would it still be the same ship?"
Labyrinth Looter Sails.png
Labyrinth Looter Sails 599 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Sails "This pattern inspired by distant islands beyond the Shroud adds a mythical air to any vessel."
Labyrinth Looter Wheel.png
Labyrinth Looter Wheel 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Wheel "Grab the wheel by the horns and - no, wait, that's not right."




Patch history

  • 2.7.2 (January 19, 2023)
    • Introduced.