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The Wayfinder of Legends (or the Wayfinder Compass) is a magical Compass received during a Legendary Search for the Skull of Destiny in Sea of Thieves. The GWayfinder of Legends always points towards a Skull of Destiny hidden on an Island somewhere in The Sea of Thieves.


The Wayfinder of Legends is obtained by voting for a Legendary Search for the Skull of Destiny at a Ship's Voyage Table. Once the Voyage is active, every member of the Crew will receive access to the Compass in their Quest Radial Menu. The Compass is available until the duration of the Voyage. When the Voyage is cancelled or completed, the Compass will disappear.


The Wayfinder of Legends does not replace the player’s Compass in the Equipment Radial Menu. The Wayfinder Compass always takes the first spot in the Quest Radial Menu.

The Wayfinder of Legends acts identically to the Player's Compass, with the Primary Use button (Keyboard White Mouse Left.png/360 RT.png) bringing the compass closer to view.

The Wayfinder of Legends always points towards the general direction of the Skull of Destiny. The closer the Player is to the location of the Skull, the narrower and faster the needle moves. When the Player is above the digging location, the needle will start circling around as if it lost its direction. Players need to use their Shovel to dig up the Skull at this location. Once the Skull of Destiny is discovered, the Wayfinder of Legends Compass will be removed from the Quest Radial Menu.

Pirate Chat Wheel

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel for the Wayfinder of Legends:

Wayfinder of Legends wheel.jpg

Patch history

  • 2.8.0 (March 16, 2023)
    • Introduced alongside it's associated Voyage.