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Captain's Chandelier is one of the Ship Customisation Items in Sea of Thieves. Captain's Chandelier Variants customise the Chandelier displayed within the captain's quarters of a Captained Galleon. The Captain's Chandelier is purely cosmetic and provides no real utility to the Ship.


The following are all the Captain's Chandelier variations available in the game:

  • Total Items: 18
  • Total Cost: 976,335 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Set In-game description
Admiral Captain's Chandelier.png
Admiral Captain's Chandelier 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 35 
Admiral "An understated chandelier that's perfect for efficiently lighting the room."
Aristocrat Captain's Chandelier.png
Aristocrat Captain's Chandelier 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 30 
Aristocrat "A chandelier that's remarkably easy to light, or so the underlings say."
Ashen Dragon Captain's Chandelier.png
Ashen Dragon Captain's Chandelier 41,970 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 35 
Ashen Dragon "Blood-red candles, burning brightly with the flames of war."
Bilge Rat Captain's Chandelier.png
Bilge Rat Captain's Chandelier 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Bilge Rat "This is a great chandelier, now that the shine's worn off."
Bone Crusher Captain's Chandelier.png
Bone Crusher Captain's Chandelier 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Bone Crusher "A carved chandelier, painted bone-white to match a skeletal style."
Captain's Chandelier of the Silent Barnacle.png
Captain's Chandelier of the Silent Barnacle 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Silent Barnacle "It's astonishing that this still works, given how long it spent under the sea."
Dawn Hunter Captain's Chandelier.png
Dawn Hunter Captain's Chandelier 99,225 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 35 
Dawn Hunter "Well-lit rooms are a hunter's natural enemy, so approach this with caution."
Eastern Winds Jade Captain's Chandelier.png
Eastern Winds Jade Captain's Chandelier 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 30 
Eastern Winds Jade "Make your cabin feel like a throne room by hanging this regal chandelier."
Ghost Captain's Chandelier.png
Ghost Captain's Chandelier 300,000 Gold n/a
Pirate Legend
Pirate Legend emblem.png
Pirate Legend
Obtained from the Mysterious Stranger after reaching Level 50 in any three Trading Companies.
Ghost "This gloomy chandelier shines with a surprisingly cheerful light."
Imperial Sovereign Captain's Chandelier.png
Imperial Sovereign Captain's Chandelier 29,400 Gold n/a n/a Imperial Sovereign "All those candles will cast a resplendent light upon your luxurious living space."
Kraken Captain's Chandelier.png
Kraken Captain's Chandelier 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 30 
Kraken "So sturdy, not even a Kraken's tentacles can shake this chandelier loose."
Legendary Captain's Chandelier.png
Legendary Captain's Chandelier 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Legendary "Be careful around this impressive chandelier - not even Pirate Legends are immune to bumping their head."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Chandelier.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Chandelier 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 30 
Ocean Crawler "Named after the humble crab, not to be confused with crews cursed by the Siren Queen."
Parrot Captain's Chandelier.png
Parrot Captain's Chandelier 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 30 
Parrot "Not only does this light up your living quarters, it also makes a great pet perch."
Sailor Captain's Chandelier.png
Sailor Captain's Chandelier
Default item
n/a n/a Sailor "It's a trifle ostentatious, but who can resist their own personal chandelier."
Scorched Forsaken Ashes Captain's Chandelier.png
Scorched Forsaken Ashes Captain's Chandelier 41,970 Gold n/a n/a Scorched Forsaken Ashes "For pirates seeking to add light and warmth to their cabin, this chandelier provides plenty of both."
Sea Dog Captain's Chandelier.png
Sea Dog Captain's Chandelier 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Sea Dog "Lights up the room, but sadly you can't swing from this during a fight."
Wild Rose Captain's Chandelier.png
Wild Rose Captain's Chandelier 41,730 Gold n/a n/a Wild Rose "These candles are remnants of a romantic dinner Rose and George once shared at Boulder Cay."

Patch history

  • 2.6.0 (August 4, 2022)
    • Introduced cosmetic variations.