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The Ocean Crawler Set is a Pink and Blue Cosmetic Set themed after Crabs in Sea of Thieves. The Ocean Crawler Set is mostly locked behind Commendations and was initially only available from the Shops at Morrow's Peak Outpost in The Devil's Roar. The Set was made available in all Outpost Stores with the release of the Anniversary Update. These Set items cost a bit more than regular Outpost Cosmetics.

A more expensive purple and pink recolour, called the Deep Ocean Crawler Set can be purchased from the Black Market for Gold.

The Hair and Beard of the Ocean Crawler Set are available for purchase for Pirate Legends from the Shopkeeper of Athena's Fortune Hideout.

The Full Set with the Ocean Crawler Dress.
Ocean Crawler Ship Set on a Galleon.
Ocean Crawler Ship Set on a Brigantine.
Ocean Crawler Ship Set on a Sloop.

Set Components


  • Total Cost: 51,400 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ocean Crawler Belt.png
Ocean Crawler Belt 2,700 Gold n/a n/a Belt "With a crab claw clasp, this belt is as fun to say as it is to wear."
Ocean Crawler Boots.png
Ocean Crawler Boots 2,700 Gold n/a n/a Boots "Let's hope these crab boots don't make you walk sideways."
Ocean Crawler Dress.png
Ocean Crawler Dress 10,800 Gold n/a n/a Dress "A beatiful dress of the crustacean persuasion, if only there was an underwater ball."
Ocean Crawler Gloves.png
Ocean Crawler Gloves 2,700 Gold n/a n/a Gloves "Make sure you check these gloves for hermit crabs before you put your hands in."
Ocean Crawler Hat.png
Ocean Crawler Hat 13,600 Gold n/a n/a Hat "This hat marks you as a true underwater explorer and friend of little, shelly things."
Ocean Crawler Jacket.png
Ocean Crawler Jacket 13,500 Gold n/a n/a Jacket "This jacket is colourfully crabby, perfect for exotic explorers."
Ocean Crawler Trousers.png
Ocean Crawler Trousers 5,400 Gold n/a n/a Bottoms "When you wake up and think 'I just really like crustaceans', these are the trousers for you."


  • Total Cost: 76,700 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ocean Crawler Beard.png
Ocean Crawler Beard 27,200 Gold n/a
Pirate Legend
Pirate Legend emblem.png
Pirate Legend
Obtained from the Mysterious Stranger after reaching Level 50 in any three Trading Companies.
Beard "Are you even a pirate if you don't have a few barnacles in your beard?"
Ocean Crawler Eyepatch.png
Ocean Crawler Eyepatch 6,100 Gold n/a n/a Eyepatch "A rather distinguished way to say that there's no part of the ocean you won't explore."
Ocean Crawler Hair.png
Ocean Crawler Hair 27,200 Gold n/a
Pirate Legend
Pirate Legend emblem.png
Pirate Legend
Obtained from the Mysterious Stranger after reaching Level 50 in any three Trading Companies.
Hair "You've heard of the 'wet look'? Try the 'underwater look'."
Ocean Crawler Hook.png
Ocean Crawler Hook 8,100 Gold n/a n/a Hook "You could really put the pinch on someone with this crab-claw hook..."
Ocean Crawler Pegleg.png
Ocean Crawler Pegleg 8,100 Gold n/a n/a Pegleg "Walk tall on a crab claw, leaving some incredibly confusing tracks behind you."


  • Total Cost: 52,690 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ocean Crawler Banjo.png
Ocean Crawler Banjo 4,950 Gold n/a n/a Banjo "Resonating through this crusty shell, your shanties will surely call to the creatures of the deep."
Ocean Crawler Bucket.png
Ocean Crawler Bucket 2,650 Gold n/a n/a Bucket "A crab bucket, which you could keep crabs in, making it a crab bucket."
Ocean Crawler Compass.png
Ocean Crawler Compass 3,950 Gold n/a n/a Compass "A compass crafted from shells... don't drop it in the water or you'll be searching for hours."
Ocean Crawler Concertina.png
Ocean Crawler Concertina 4,000 Gold n/a n/a Concertina "Share a tune on your crustacean concertina and get even the land-lubbers dancing."
Ocean Crawler Drum.png
Ocean Crawler Drum 4,950 Gold n/a n/a Drum "Beat out some tunes and get your crewmates out of their shells."
Ocean Crawler Fishing Rod.png
Ocean Crawler Fishing Rod 9,140 Gold n/a
Hunter of Wreckers
Hunter of Wreckers emblem.png
Hunter of Wreckers
Deliver all types of Wrecker.
Fishing Rod "Perhaps the oceanic style of this rod will act as camouflage and the fishies won't see it coming."
Ocean Crawler Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Ocean Crawler Hurdy-Gurdy 4,000 Gold n/a n/a Hurdy-Gurdy "What a better way to serenade the sea than with this epic crab-claw hurdy?"
Ocean Crawler Lantern.png
Ocean Crawler Lantern 2,650 Gold n/a n/a Lantern "Some crabs are attracted to light, but they'll think twice if they see what your lantern's made of."
Ocean Crawler Pocket Watch.png
Ocean Crawler Pocket Watch 3,950 Gold n/a n/a Pocket Watch "This watch says it's always time to seafood!"
Ocean Crawler Shovel.png
Ocean Crawler Shovel 2,600 Gold n/a n/a Shovel "You know what digs really well? Crabs do! So this shovel makes perfect sense, okay?"
Ocean Crawler Speaking Trumpet.png
Ocean Crawler Speaking Trumpet 3,250 Gold n/a n/a Speaking Trumpet "Make sure your voice is heard far and wide, even down in the depths where the lobsters live."
Ocean Crawler Spyglass.png
Ocean Crawler Spyglass 5,350 Gold n/a n/a Spyglass "This shelly spyglass could be useful for spotting giant enemy crabs. Purely theoretical, sadly."
Ocean Crawler Tankard.png
Ocean Crawler Tankard 1,250 Gold n/a n/a Tankard "Drink enough from this crabby tankard and you'll soon walk sideways."


  • Total Cost: 50,100 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ocean Crawler Blunderbuss.png
Ocean Crawler Blunderbuss 13,400 Gold n/a n/a Blunderbuss "Blow crustacean haters away with this briney blunderbuss!"
Ocean Crawler Cutlass.png
Ocean Crawler Cutlass 9,900 Gold n/a n/a Cutlass "Give your enemies a taste of a biting claw, just like a human fiddler crab!"
Ocean Crawler Eye of Reach.png
Ocean Crawler Eye of Reach 13,400 Gold n/a n/a Eye of Reach "Perfect for spotting a nice crab pool, or defending one from hungry pirates."
Ocean Crawler Flintlock Pistol.png
Ocean Crawler Flintlock Pistol 13,400 Gold n/a n/a Pistol "After being hit by this pistol, the enemy will feel decidedly shell-shocked."

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: 419,800 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ocean Crawler Cannons.png
Ocean Crawler Cannons 69,550 Gold n/a
Hoarder of Ruby Mermaid Gems
Hoarder of Ruby Mermaid Gems emblem.png
Hoarder of Ruby Mermaid Gems
Cannons "Inspired by things that crawl and snap in the deep, these cannons will put the pinch on the enemy."
Ocean Crawler Capstan.png
Ocean Crawler Capstan 69,550 Gold n/a
Hoarder of Sapphire Mermaid Gems
Hoarder of Sapphire Mermaid Gems emblem.png
Hoarder of Sapphire Mermaid Gems
Capstan "Try not to get seasick while turning this oceanic capstan!"
Ocean Crawler Figurehead.png
Ocean Crawler Figurehead 69,550 Gold n/a n/a Figurehead "A true ocean-going figurehead that will appease the denizens of the deep."
Ocean Crawler Flag.png
Ocean Crawler Flag 2,500 Gold n/a n/a Flags "A Flag fitting for any ship that does not fear the deep."
Ocean Crawler Hull.png
Ocean Crawler Hull 69,550 Gold n/a n/a Hull "Decorate your own shell with something beautifully crustacean."
Ocean Crawler Sails.png
Ocean Crawler Sails 69,550 Gold n/a n/a Sails "You love the ocean and all that lives in it; why not tell the world?"
Ocean Crawler Wheel.png
Ocean Crawler Wheel 69,550 Gold n/a
Hoarder of Emerald Mermaid Gems
Hoarder of Emerald Mermaid Gems emblem.png
Hoarder of Emerald Mermaid Gems
Wheel "Not necessarily the most pleasant wheel to the touch, but it seems to know its way around the seas."

Ship Decorations

  • Total Cost: 292,110 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ocean Crawler Captain's Bed.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Bed 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 10 
Captain's Bed "Pirates who don't get a good night's sleep are bound to wake up feeling crabby."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Chair.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Chair 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Captain's Chair "Not the most ornate chair ever crafted, but it'll do in a pinch."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Chandelier.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Chandelier 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 30 
Captain's Chandelier "Named after the humble crab, not to be confused with crews cursed by the Siren Queen."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Curtains.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Curtains 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 20 
Captain's Curtains "Crustacean curtains cleverly complete Captains' cabins."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Drapes.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Drapes 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 20 
Captain's Drapes "These heavily starched drapes will stay stubbornly in place, even underwater."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Rugs.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Rugs 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 30 
Captain's Rugs "This bright blue rug gives your ship an aquatic feeling. You don't even need to sink."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Table.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Table 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Captain's Table "A rather weathered piece of furniture that's spent time both above and below the waves."


Patch history

  • 2.6.0 (August 4, 2022)
    • Added the Ocean Crawler Bed, Captain Table, Chair, Chandelier, Curtains, Drapes, Rugs, and Table.
  • 1.4.0 (November 28, 2018)
    • Added the Ocean Crawler cannons, capstan, and wheel into the Shipwright Shop.
  • 1.3.0 (September 27, 2018)
    • Added the Ocean Crawler clothing, vanity, equipment, hull, flag, sails, and figurehead to their respective shops.