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The Captain's Bed is one of the Ship customization Items in Sea of Thieves. They are purchased from a Shipwright and equipped via the Ship Customization Chest. The different Variants of bed are purely cosmetic and provide no advantages over each other.


Main article: Sleeping and Sitting

The Captain's Bed can be interacted with by players in order to sleep and slowly regenerate health. A sleeping pirate may be awoken due to damage, being splashed by water, or if the seas are especially choppy.


The following are all the Captain's Bed variations available in the game:

  • Total Items: 18
  • Total Cost: 976,335 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Set In-game description
Admiral Captain's Bed.png
Admiral Captain's Bed 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 15 
Admiral "Scheduling nap breaks into the daily routine is vital to keep your crew well-rested."
Aristocrat Captain's Bed.png
Aristocrat Captain's Bed 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 10 
Aristocrat "A pillow stuffed with feathers guarantees a very swanky night's sleep."
Bilge Rat Captain's Bed.png
Bilge Rat Captain's Bed 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 20 
Bilge Rat "A mattress stuffed with the finest sawdust for that lovely 'old bed' smell."
Bone Crusher Captain's Bed.png
Bone Crusher Captain's Bed 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 20 
Bone Crusher "Make no bones about it; this is a very stylish bed."
Captain's Bed of the Ashen Dragon.png
Captain's Bed of the Ashen Dragon 41,970 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 15 
Ashen Dragon "Skeletons prefer to rest underground, so you'll better make use of this bed."
Captain's Bed of the Silent Barnacle.png
Captain's Bed of the Silent Barnacle 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 20 
Silent Barnacle "A very literal way to sleep on the sea bed."
Dawn Hunter Captain's Bed.png
Dawn Hunter Captain's Bed 99,225 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 15 
Dawn Hunter "When your prey is asleep, that's the perfect time to catch them unawares."
Eastern Winds Jade Captain's Bed.png
Eastern Winds Jade Captain's Bed 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 10 
Eastern Winds Jade "Violet bedding offset by a golden pillow. Snooze in style!"
Ghost Captain's Bed.png
Ghost Captain's Bed 300,000 Gold n/a
Pirate Legend
Pirate Legend emblem.png
Pirate Legend
Obtained from the Mysterious Stranger after reaching Level 50 in any three Trading Companies.
Ghost "You could try storing treasure under this bed, but who knows what else might be hiding underneath?"
Imperial Sovereign Captain's Bed.png
Imperial Sovereign Captain's Bed 29,400 Gold n/a n/a Imperial Sovereign "A soft mattress upon which to slumber, dreaming of ever greater extravagance."
Kraken Captain's Bed.png
Kraken Captain's Bed 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 10 
Kraken "Krakens can sleep for years at a time. In this comfortable bed, you might just do the same."
Legendary Captain's Bed.png
Legendary Captain's Bed 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 20 
Legendary "Even fearsome Pirate Legends can take pleasure in a pleasant afternoon nap."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Bed.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Bed 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 10 
Ocean Crawler "Pirates who don't get a good night's sleep are bound to wake up feeling crabby."
Parrot Captain's Bed.png
Parrot Captain's Bed 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 15 
Parrot "It's not quite as comfy as hanging upside-down from a perch, but you'll just have to make do."
Sailor Captain's Bed.png
Sailor Captain's Bed
Default item
n/a n/a Sailor "What this bed lacks in frills, it makes up for in sturdy snoozing capacity."
Scorched Forsaken Ashes Captain's Bed.png
Scorched Forsaken Ashes Captain's Bed 41,970 Gold n/a n/a Scorched Forsaken Ashes "Encourages pirates to be early risers, so that they don't wake up chargrilled."
Sea Dog Captain's Bed.png
Sea Dog Captain's Bed 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 20 
Sea Dog "Hardened Sea Dogs prefer to remove the mattress before sleeping in beds like this."
Wild Rose Captain's Bed.png
Wild Rose Captain's Bed 41,730 Gold n/a n/a Wild Rose "Rose always found this mattress too soft, and preferred to sleep in the crow's nest."

Pirate Chat

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel used for all Beds:

Bed Pirate Chat wheel.jpg

Patch history

  • 2.6.0 (August 4, 2022)
    • Introduced cosmetic variations.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • Became an interactive object which players can sleep on.