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Sitting and Sleeping are immersive gameplay mechanics which allow players to interact with certain objects and surfaces to feel more a part of the world.


A player sitting in the Captain's Chair on a Galleon.

Players can sit on many objects and surfaces around the Sea of Thieves by approaching it and holding Primary Interact ( F / 360 X.png ). There are many seating locations including chairs, stools, and various surfaces on ships and islands. Your pirate will take up a relaxed position as they sit down on the object or surface. You will be put into a first person view but this can be can toggled to a third person view and back again by pressing R / 360 Y.png.

Sitting is a purely cosmetic effect so no gameplay changes will be applied.

If sitting while the sun is setting, players will hear A Star To Sail By start to play. This will end once the sun has set.


A player sleeping in the bed on a Galleon.
A player sleeping on a hammock on an island.

Players can sleep on beds and hammocks on ships and islands by approaching one and holding Primary Interact ( F / 360 X.png ). This will cause the player's pirate to visually lay down as their screen fades to black. Any nearby sounds will be dramatically quietened for the sleeping player but after a few seconds they, as well as any other nearby players, will be able to hear themself snoring as they sleep.

The benefit of sleeping is that 3 seconds after your screen is fully blackened, you will begin to gain health at a rate of 1 per 0.83 seconds or 50 per 1 minute.


There are multiple Buried Treasures Commendations which involve sitting and sleeping.

There are some Commendations which involve sitting on the highest point in each of the 3 original regions. These islands are listed below:

Image Commendation Requirements Rewards
Down With the Ship emblem.png
Down With the Ship Sit in the Captain's Chair of your Galleon as it sinks. Lock icon.png Unlocks Midnight Blades Slim Trousers and Midnight Blades Beard for purchase.
Seat Of Thieves emblem.png
Seat Of Thieves Take a seat at a tavern table alongside other pirates. Lock icon.png Unlocks Party Boat Dress for purchase.
Sleepover emblem.png
Sleepover Sleep in a bed aboard another crew's ship. Lock icon.png Unlocks Midnight Blades Belt and Midnight Blades Shirt for purchase and the Sleepover achievement.
Rest of Legends emblem.png
Rest of Legends Take a seat among Legends in the Athena's Fortune Hideout. n/a
Tavern Crawl emblem.png
Tavern Crawl Take a seat in every tavern across the Sea of Thieves. n/a
Moment of Reflection emblem.png
Moment of Reflection Take a seat at the end of a dock while the sun is setting. Lock icon.png Unlocks Party Boat Eyepatch for purchase.
A New Day emblem.png
A New Day Take in the view atop the highest peak in The Wilds while the sun rises. Lock icon.png Unlocks Party Boat Gloves for purchase.
Catching Rays emblem.png
Catching Rays Take in the view atop the highest peak in The Ancient Isles at noon. Lock icon.png Unlocks Midnight Blades Boots for purchase.
Adventurer's Eve emblem.png
Adventurer's Eve Take in the view atop the highest peak in The Shores of Plenty while the sun sets. Lock icon.png Unlocks Midnight Blades Gloves for purchase.
Tribute Seat emblem.png
Tribute Seat Take a seat upon the throne during the 'Shores of Gold' Tall Tale. Lock icon.png Unlocks Party Boat Hook for purchase and the Tribute Seat achievement.
A Golden Throne emblem.png
A Golden Throne Take a seat in the Treasury during the 'Captains of the Damned' Tall Tale. n/a
This is fine emblem.png
This is fine Take a seat aboard your ship while it's on fire. n/a
Hot Seat emblem.png
Hot Seat Take a seat on an island in The Devil's Roar while its volcano erupts. Lock icon.png Unlocks Midnight Blades Hook for purchase.


  • While sleeping, there is a chance to play the sound effect of going underwater.
  • While drunk and sleeping, there is a chance for your pirate to fart.
  • Sleeping pirates can be forcibly woken up with a quick splash of water from your trusty bucket.


Patch history

  • 2.4.1 (January 20, 2022)
    • A Star To Sail By[1] now plays while sitting at sunset.
    • Players sitting or sleeping can no longer avoid idle timers and should now be removed from the game after a period of inactivity.
    • Players who are sleeping will now consistently take damage from ranged Weapon fire.
    • Some pirate body types should no longer find excessive clipping occurring when sitting in various locations.
    • Ancient Spire Outpost and Plunder Outpost Taverns should no longer have a sitting spot located on the floor.
    • Rocks around a firepit on Cannon Cove should now have a sitting interaction.
    • When sitting on the Captain's Chair on board a Ship, switching to the third-person camera will now always move to an appropriate camera position even while the Ship is moving.
    • Sitting spots in the Tavern of the Damned no longer overlap with the ghosts of pirates in the Tavern.
    • Sitting spots at Hidden Spring Keep now place the pirate correctly on the floor when viewed by others.
    • Sitting in various locations like the end of the Brigantine bed and some benches found on Outposts should no longer cause the camera to move into an incorrect position.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • Introduced Sitting.
    • Introduced Sleeping.


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