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The Captain's Chair is one of the Ship Customisation Items in Sea of Thieves. Captain's Chair Variants customise the Chair displayed within the captain's quarters of a Captained Galleon. The different variants of Chair are purely cosmetic and provide no advantages over each other.


Main article: Sleeping and Sitting

The Captain's Chair can be interacted with by players in order to sit down and rest, providing no bonuses besides a unique Pirate Chat Radial.


The following are all the Captain's Chair variations available in the game:

  • Total Items: 18
  • Total Cost: 976,335 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Set In-game description
Admiral Captain's Chair.png
Admiral Captain's Chair 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 45 
Admiral "A wooden chair that strikes a balance between pomp and practicality."
Aristocrat Captain's Chair.png
Aristocrat Captain's Chair 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Aristocrat "Take a seat and luxuriate in your magnificent surroundings for a while."
Ashen Dragon Captain's Chair.png
Ashen Dragon Captain's Chair 41,970 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 45 
Ashen Dragon "It is claimed that scorch-marks on this chair were caused by Captain Adara herself."
Bilge Rat Captain's Chair.png
Bilge Rat Captain's Chair 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 45 
Bilge Rat "Covered in splinters and sharp edges, which is just how you like it."
Bone Crusher Captain's Chair.png
Bone Crusher Captain's Chair 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 45 
Bone Crusher "This barrel was turned into a fine chair once the skeleton inside had been dispatched."
Captain's Chair of the Silent Barnacle.png
Captain's Chair of the Silent Barnacle 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 45 
Silent Barnacle "A replacement fashioned from a barrel, after Stitcher Jim sold the original."
Dawn Hunter Captain's Chair.png
Dawn Hunter Captain's Chair 99,225 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 45 
Dawn Hunter "A chair to take a seat and relax in - but only after the hunt is over."
Eastern Winds Jade Captain's Chair.png
Eastern Winds Jade Captain's Chair 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Eastern Winds Jade "Trimmed with gold and emerald, this chair is a lot comfier than most treasure you'll bring aboard."
Ghost Captain's Chair.png
Ghost Captain's Chair 300,000 Gold n/a
Pirate Legend
Pirate Legend emblem.png
Pirate Legend
Obtained from the Mysterious Stranger after reaching Level 50 in any three Trading Companies.
Ghost "Don't worry - this chair is perfectly solid and won't disappear from under you."
Imperial Sovereign Captain's Chair.png
Imperial Sovereign Captain's Chair 29,400 Gold n/a n/a Imperial Sovereign "The softest cushioning and sturdiest seating that other people's money can buy."
Kraken Captain's Chair.png
Kraken Captain's Chair 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Kraken "A Kraken-coloured chair that's perfect to sink into after an exhausting battle with the real thing."
Legendary Captain's Chair.png
Legendary Captain's Chair 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 45 
Legendary "This chair bears the insignia of Athena's Fortune. Sit down for too long, and so will your shoulder blades."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Chair.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Chair 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Ocean Crawler "Not the most ornate chair ever crafted, but it'll do in a pinch."
Parrot Captain's Chair.png
Parrot Captain's Chair 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 45 
Parrot "There's no need to perch yourself somewhere like a parrot when you own this comfy chair."
Sailor Captain's Chair.png
Sailor Captain's Chair
Default item
n/a n/a Sailor "Sink into this chair after a long day of piracy to think back on your assorted misdeeds."
Scorched Forsaken Ashes Captain's Chair.png
Scorched Forsaken Ashes Captain's Chair 41,970 Gold n/a n/a Scorched Forsaken Ashes "It may not be the most stylish chair, but it definitely is warm and cosy."
Sea Dog Captain's Chair.png
Sea Dog Captain's Chair 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 45 
Sea Dog "This chair's in good condition, as sea Dogs are almost always off the ship adventuring."
Wild Rose Captain's Chair.png
Wild Rose Captain's Chair 41,730 Gold n/a n/a Wild Rose "George once paid a Captain a huge sum of gold for this chair. Later, Rose stole it back again."

Pirate Chat

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel for Captain's Chairs:

Captain's Chair Pirate Chat wheel.jpg

Patch history

  • 2.6.0 (August 4, 2022)
    • Introduced cosmetic variations.
  • 2.4.1 (January 20, 2022)
    • When sittin gon the Captain's Chair on board a Ship, switching to the third-person camera will now always move to an appropriate camera position even while the Ship is moving.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • Became an interactive object which players can sit on.