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The Ship Set on a Galleon.
The Clothing Set with a Jacket.
The Clothing Set with the Dress.

The Wild Rose Set is themed around the two lovers Rose and George, who were introduced as a part of the Wild Rose Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold (story arc). The Compass and Wheel of the set are available as Commendation rewards for the Tall Tale, while most of the remaining items can be purchased from Outpost shops, with Pet Outfits available from the Pirate Emporium. Many items of this set share similarities in their base models to items in the Gilded Phoenix Set.

This set has one colour variant: Thriving Wild Rose Set (purple, lavender, and grey).

The Wild Rose Clothing set is missing the Pegleg.

Set Components


  • Total Cost: 320 Doubloons
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Wild Rose Belt.png
Wild Rose Belt 15 Doubloons n/a Belt "Pretty but tougher than they seem, just like Rose - actually, she said the same about George."
Wild Rose Boots.png
Wild Rose Boots 15 Doubloons n/a Boots "Crafted as a wedding present for Rose, though sadly she never received them."
Wild Rose Dress.png
Wild Rose Dress 75 Doubloons n/a Dress "Rose was fierce, competent and fearless. She and her beloved George are beyond harm’s reach now."
Wild Rose Gloves.png
Wild Rose Gloves 15 Doubloons n/a Gloves "Not just stylised parrot gloves, but also great gloves for handling parrots. Those beaks are sharp!"
Wild Rose Hat.png
Wild Rose Hat 75 Doubloons n/a Hat "A rugged but beautiful hat, lovingly stitched in memory of a pirate called Rose."
Wild Rose Jacket.png
Wild Rose Jacket 100 Doubloons n/a Jacket "This jacket was based on the attire of Wild Rose, a pirate beloved by all."
Wild Rose Trousers.png
Wild Rose Trousers 25 Doubloons n/a Bottoms "These durable trousers are modelled on the ones Rose wore to go hiking around Cannon Cove."


  • Total Cost: 60 Doubloons
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Wild Rose Eyepatch.png
Wild Rose Eyepatch 25 Doubloons n/a Eyepatch "Rose herself only used an eyepatch when she needed to sleep with one eye open."
Wild Rose Hook.png
Wild Rose Hook 35 Doubloons n/a Hook "George made this for Rose to warn her that she might need it if she didn't stop feeding the sharks."


  • Total Cost: 255 Doubloons
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Rose's Compass.png
Rose's Compass
Wild Rose
Wild Rose emblem.png
Wild Rose
Complete 'Wild Rose.
Compass "A memento of Wild Rose, whose love for George transcended death itself."
Wild Rose Banjo.png
Wild Rose Banjo 25 Doubloons n/a Banjo "A pretty banjo that would be ideal for a little moonlight serenade."
Wild Rose Bucket.png
Wild Rose Bucket 15 Doubloons n/a Bucket "This is a lovely bucket and it would be an awful shame if you were to be sick in it."
Wild Rose Concertina.png
Wild Rose Concertina 20 Doubloons n/a Concertina "One thing Rose never mastered was the concertina, since she couldn't have a hand free for battle."
Wild Rose Drum.png
Wild Rose Drum 25 Doubloons n/a Drum "George and Rose learnt to play drums from Merrick. Thankfully, they didn't summon any megalodons."
Wild Rose Fishing Rod.png
Wild Rose Fishing Rod 50 Doubloons n/a Fishing Rod "Rose had a fishing rod just like this, but saved it for special occasions. It's too nice to get wet!"
Wild Rose Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Wild Rose Hurdy-Gurdy 20 Doubloons n/a Hurdy-Gurdy "This delicate instrument looks and sounds as elegant as Wild Rose herself."
Wild Rose Lantern.png
Wild Rose Lantern 15 Doubloons n/a Lantern "The light of this lantern glows as warmly as the light between George and Rose."
Wild Rose Pocket Watch.png
Wild Rose Pocket Watch 20 Doubloons n/a Pocket Watch "Crafted as a gift for Rose after the tenth time she was late for a date with George."
Wild Rose Shovel.png
Wild Rose Shovel 15 Doubloons n/a Shovel "A beautiful shovel that pretty much does the ground a favour."
Wild Rose Speaking Trumpet.png
Wild Rose Speaking Trumpet 15 Doubloons n/a Speaking Trumpet "Wild Rose knew that looking pretty was nice, but being loud was fun."
Wild Rose Spyglass.png
Wild Rose Spyglass 25 Doubloons n/a Spyglass "A spyglass this pretty will surely always spot the finest treasures."
Wild Rose Tankard.png
Wild Rose Tankard 10 Doubloons n/a Tankard "Rose drank out of a tankard just like this one. The original was gifted to Madame Olivia."


  • Total Cost: 275 Doubloons
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Wild Rose Blunderbuss.png
Wild Rose Blunderbuss 75 Doubloons n/a Blunderbuss "It’s said that Wild Rose never took to using a blunderbuss, but had this made to complete her set"
Wild Rose Cutlass.png
Wild Rose Cutlass 50 Doubloons n/a Cutlass "Gifted to Rose by her paramour George, designed to complement her beauty… and sharpness."
Wild Rose Eye of Reach.png
Wild Rose Eye of Reach 75 Doubloons n/a Eye of Reach "A beautifully crafted weapon; shame your attackers will never get close enough to see it."
Wild Rose Flintlock.png
Wild Rose Flintlock 75 Doubloons n/a Pistol "The elegant personal pistol of Wild Rose, responsible for many a visit to the Ferryman."

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: 450 Doubloons
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Wild Rose Cannons.png
Wild Rose Cannons 50 Doubloons n/a Cannons "A perfect example of how the deadly and the delicate can meet as one."
Wild Rose Capstan.png
Wild Rose Capstan 50 Doubloons n/a Capstan "Could this ruby-red capstan result in love at first wind for the pirates who turn it?"
Wild Rose Figurehead.png
Wild Rose Figurehead 125 Doubloons n/a Figurehead "A romantic figure, encouraging pirates to seek the good things in life, for the bad things come unbidden."
Wild Rose Flag.png
Wild Rose Flag 25 Doubloons n/a Flags "This gentle rose is a reminder that peace and love will always have their place, no matter the odds against them."
Wild Rose Hull.png
Wild Rose Hull 100 Doubloons n/a Hull "A bright red hull with a thorn motif, reminding pirates of that well-known warning about roses."
Wild Rose Sails.png
Wild Rose Sails 100 Doubloons n/a Sails "The memory of Wild Rose will forever be honoured by the crimson bloom on these exquisite sails."
Wild Rose Wheel.png
Wild Rose Wheel
Always Yours
Always Yours emblem.png
Always Yours
Legendary Commendation: Complete all Commendations for 'Wild Rose.
Wheel "A wheel fashioned by Wild Rose, which surely will never veer from the path your heart's desires."

Ship Decorations

  • Total Cost: 292,110 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Wild Rose Captain's Bed.png
Wild Rose Captain's Bed 41,730 Gold n/a Captain's Bed "Rose always found this mattress too soft, and preferred to sleep in the crow's nest."
Wild Rose Captain's Chair.png
Wild Rose Captain's Chair 41,730 Gold n/a Captain's Chair "George once paid a Captain a huge sum of gold for this chair. Later, Rose stole it back again."
Wild Rose Captain's Chandelier.png
Wild Rose Captain's Chandelier 41,730 Gold n/a Captain's Chandelier "These candles are remnants of a romantic dinner Rose and George once shared at Boulder Cay."
Wild Rose Captain's Curtains.png
Wild Rose Captain's Curtains 41,730 Gold n/a Captain's Curtains "Curtains fashioned from the first Crate of Luxurious Cloth Rose and George ever plundered together."
Wild Rose Captain's Drapes.png
Wild Rose Captain's Drapes 41,730 Gold n/a Captain's Drapes "When romance is flourishing, drapes can be essential for some pirate privacy."
Wild Rose Captain's Rugs.png
Wild Rose Captain's Rugs 41,730 Gold n/a Captain's Rugs "Rose and George spent many nights practising their wedding dance upon this gorgeous rug."
Wild Rose Captain's Table.png
Wild Rose Captain's Table 41,730 Gold n/a Captain's Table "Rose and George would drag this table ashore on clear nights and eat together, under the stars."

Pet Outfits

  • Total Cost: 1,494 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Barbary Wild Rose Outfit.png
Barbary Wild Rose Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Barbary monkeys are quite tough-looking creatures. Soften those edges with this Rose outfit."
Capuchin Wild Rose Outfit.png
Capuchin Wild Rose Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Capuchin? More like capturin' our hearts! Right?"
Cockatoo Wild Rose Outfit.png
Cockatoo Wild Rose Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Give your Cockatoo a lovely flowery appearance, but don't lose it in the bushes."
Macaw Wild Rose Outfit.png
Macaw Wild Rose Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Eight out of 10 Macaws prefer to be dressed like this, probably. We haven't actually asked yet."
Marmoset Wild Rose Outfit.png
Marmoset Wild Rose Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "That's one sweet Marmoset. What a heartbreaker."
Parakeet Wild Rose Outfit.png
Parakeet Wild Rose Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "No longer will your Parakeet be insufficiently floral."


Patch history

  • 2.6.0 (August 4, 2022)
    • Added the Wild Rose Bed, Captain Table, Chair, Chandelier, Curtains, Drapes, Rugs, and Table.
  • 2.1.1 (May 6, 2021)
    • Moved the Black Market Wild Rose cosmetics into there respective shops.
  • 2.0.19 (October 28, 2020)
    • Added the Wild Rose instruments into the Black Market.
  • 2.0.18 (September 9, 2020)
    • Added the Wild Rose Bucket, Fishing Rod, Lantern, Pocket Watch, Shovel, Speaking Trumpet, Spyglass, and Tankard into the Black Market.
  • 2.0.16 (June 17, 2020)
    • Added the rest of the Wild Rose clothing and vanity into the Black Market.
  • 2.0.12 (February 19, 2020)
    • Added the rest of the ship set into the Black Market.
  • 2.0.9 (November 20, 2019)
    • Added the Wild Rose weapons into the Black Market.
  • 2.0.8 (October 16, 2019)
    • Added the Wild rose Jacket, Dress, and Hat into the Black Market.
  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • Introduced.
    • Added Wild Rose compass and capstan as Tall Tales cosmetics.