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Captain's Rugs are one of the Ship Customisation Items in Sea of Thieves. Captain's Rug Variants customise the rugs displayed within the captain's quarters of a Captained Ship. Captain's Rugs are purely cosmetic and provide no real utility to the Ship.


The following are all the Captain's Rugs variations available in the game:

  • Total Items: 19
  • Total Cost: 976,335 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Set In-game description
Admiral Captain's Rugs.png
Admiral Captain's Rugs 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 35 
Admiral "A smart rug that affords any ship an organised air, which is as it should be."
Aristocrat Captain's Rugs.png
Aristocrat Captain's Rugs 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 30 
Aristocrat "Such a beautiful rug, its weaver retired the moment it was completed."
Bilge Rat Captain's Rugs.png
Bilge Rat Captain's Rugs 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Bilge Rat "Sticky and a little threadbare, but there's still life in this old rug. Weevils, mostly."
Bone Crusher Captain's Rugs.png
Bone Crusher Captain's Rugs 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Bone Crusher "This rug is as bright as the gleam in your eye when you spy an unsuspecting Guardian of Fortune."
Captain's Rugs of the Ashen Dragon.png
Captain's Rugs of the Ashen Dragon 41,970 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 35 
Ashen Dragon "As you might expect, this rug never stays damp for very long."
Captain's Rugs of the Silent Barnacle.png
Captain's Rugs of the Silent Barnacle 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Silent Barnacle "Squelches a little underfoot, but it still makes the ship look nice."
Dawn Hunter Captain's Rugs.png
Dawn Hunter Captain's Rugs 99,225 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 35 
Dawn Hunter "Who knows what mysterious bloodstains this rug might be concealing?"
Eastern Winds Jade Captain's Rugs.png
Eastern Winds Jade Captain's Rugs 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Eastern Winds Jade "A heavy rug that feels particularly pleasant compared to the hard, wooden deck."
Ghost Captain's Rugs.png
Ghost Captain's Rugs 300,000 Gold n/a
Pirate Legend
Pirate Legend emblem.png
Pirate Legend
Obtained from the Mysterious Stranger after reaching Level 50 in any three Trading Companies.
Ghost "Who knows what dark secrets this rug might be obscuring? best not to wonder..."
Imperial Sovereign Captain's Rugs.png
Imperial Sovereign Captain's Rugs 29,400 Gold n/a n/a Imperial Sovereign "One day you'll sail a magnificent ship that's carpeted from bow to stern. Until then..."
Kraken Captain's Rugs.png
Kraken Captain's Rugs 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 30 
Kraken "Soaked in a special brine, this rug is guaranteed Kraken-proof. Shame about the rest of the ship."
Legendary Captain's Rugs.png
Legendary Captain's Rugs 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Legendary "Supposedly stolen from the wreck of the Magpie's Fortune, and now finally dry enough to sell."
Obsidian Captain's Rugs.png
Obsidian Captain's Rugs
Time-limited roundel.png
n/a Black Dog "Sombre furnishings that seem to growl "Take off your muddy boots - OR ELSE"."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Rugs.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Rugs 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 30 
Ocean Crawler "This bright blue rug gives your ship an aquatic feeling. You don't even need to sink."
Parrot Captain's Rugs.png
Parrot Captain's Rugs 41,730 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 35 
Parrot "A rug that's every bit as soft as the plumage of our feathered friends."
Sailor Captain's Rugs.png
Sailor Captain's Rugs
Default item
n/a n/a Sailor "A cheery rug that adds a splash of colour to the most humble of living quarters."
Scorched Forsaken Ashes Captain's Rugs.png
Scorched Forsaken Ashes Captain's Rugs 41,970 Gold n/a n/a Scorched Forsaken Ashes "Keeps your toes nice and toasty, although your boots might start to smoulder after a while."
Sea Dog Captain's Rugs.png
Sea Dog Captain's Rugs 29,400 Gold n/a
 Milestones.png 40 
Sea Dog "A coarse, thick weave designed to withstand the heavy boots of pirates aboard your ship."
Wild Rose Captain's Rugs.png
Wild Rose Captain's Rugs 41,730 Gold n/a n/a Wild Rose "Rose and George spent many nights practising their wedding dance upon this gorgeous rug."

Patch history

  • 2.6.0 (August 4, 2022)
    • Introduced cosmetic variations.