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The Cutthroat Set is a homage to Rare's Killer Instinct Fighting Game franchise. This is the second Pirate Emporium exclusive Ship Set released by rare with the Fort of the Damned (Content Update). The Ship Set also includes Collector's versions of both the Sails and the Figurehead, which have special glowing effects at night.

Following the 2.4.2 update, weapons were also introduced for this cosmetic set.

The Regular Cutthroat Set on a Galleon.
The Collector's items on a Galleon at night.

Set Components


  • Total Cost: 996 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Cutthroat Blunderbuss.png
Cutthroat Blunderbuss 249 Ancient Coins n/a Blunderbuss "Known for the thunderous crack it makes when fired, this full-bore blunderbuss could break your shoulder if you're not careful."
Cutthroat Cutlass.png
Cutthroat Cutlass 249 Ancient Coins n/a Cutlass "From two-headed ogres to towering gargoyles, this cruel cutlass is said to have felled all manner of legendary foes."
Cutthroat Eye of Reach.png
Cutthroat Eye of Reach 249 Ancient Coins n/a Eye of Reach "A masterpieve crafted by a shady branch of weaponsmiths. Show your quarry no mercy with this fearsome bladed firearm."
Cutthroat Pistol.png
Cutthroat Pistol 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pistol "The favoured pistol of an infamous duellist, this spiked sidearm earned them a strea of supreme victories."

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: 4,890 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Collector's Cutthroat Figurehead.png
Collector's Cutthroat Figurehead 799 Ancient Coins n/a Figurehead "Ultimate rendering of a war machine ready to execute missions with breathtaking efficiency."
Collector's Cutthroat Sails.png
Collector's Cutthroat Sails 799 Ancient Coins n/a Sails "Such foreboding sails surely belong to a crew of marauders with a killer reputation."
Cutthroat Cannon Flare.png
Cutthroat Cannon Flare 349 Ancient Coins n/a Cannon Flare "A distinctive crimson blast laced with strange, otherworldly sparks... or are they cinders?"
Cutthroat Cannons.png
Cutthroat Cannons 349 Ancient Coins n/a Cannons "Count the heavy blows you land on your foes with these ultra-stylish cannons."
Cutthroat Capstan.png
Cutthroat Capstan 349 Ancient Coins n/a Capstan "Drop anchor swiftly to execute sharp turns, perfectly in tune with your instinct for battle."
Cutthroat Figurehead.png
Cutthroat Figurehead 599 Ancient Coins n/a Figurehead "Fear the piercing gaze of this figurehead, immortalising a well-armed and armoured aggressor."
Cutthroat Flag.png
Cutthroat Flag 349 Ancient Coins n/a Flags "The stories say this flag once belonged to the victor of a ferocious fighting tournament."
Cutthroat Hull.png
Cutthroat Hull 349 Ancient Coins n/a Hull "Beware humiliation at the hands of a cutthroat whose hull displays these wicked blades."
Cutthroat Sails.png
Cutthroat Sails 599 Ancient Coins n/a Sails "Make these letters signify whatever you like, from Keelhaul Incident to Kissing Invitation."
Cutthroat Wheel.png
Cutthroat Wheel 349 Ancient Coins n/a Wheel "Steer swiftly and fearlessly into battle with this sleek wheel. It’s the way you move."


  • Total Cost: 249 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Cutthroat Trinket.png
Cutthroat Trinket 249 Ancient Coins n/a Ornaments "A jagged prized said to have belonged to the supreme victor of a fighting tournament. They must have been a real trailblazer."


Patch history

  • 2.0.20 (December 9, 2020)
    • Added the Cutthroat Cannon Flare to the Pirate Emporium.
  • 2.0.8 (October 16, 2019)
    • Introduced.
    • Added the Cutthroat ship set to the Pirate Emporium.