Jewels of the Deep

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Jewels of the Deep is a two-week-long event focusing on threats of the sea with appropriately themed rewards, and additional gold and reputation gains by handing in Siren and Mermaid Gems.

Official summary

Wield the Trident of Dark Tides, seek out Siren and Mermaid Gems and take on new threats to the sea!

The arrival of certain travellers from beyond the Sea of Thieves has roused creatures from the darkest depths of the ocean, and they’re now wreaking havoc far and wide. To help calm the waters, Larinna has enlisted pirates to hunt down these new threats. During this Event, you can build Favour with the Bilge Rats by defeating Sirens, Ocean Crawlers and Phantoms, along with smashing Mermaid Statues.

Should you manage to collect any Siren or Mermaid Gems on your travels, the Trading Companies will offer a pretty penny and additional reputation to any pirates wishing to part with them. And should beneficent buccaneers hand in enough Gems over the course of this Event, it may warrant a suitably colourful reward…


Earn Favour by completing challenges to unlock Bilge Rat rewards and boost your Seasonal Renown!

Image Reward Requirements
Jewels of the Deep Scar promo.jpg Jewels of the Deep Scar Earn 200 Favour
Jewels of the Deep Makeup promo.jpg Jewels of the Deep Makeup Earn 300 Favour
Jewels of the Deep Tattoo promo.jpg Jewels of the Deep Tattoo Earn 400 Favour
Collector of Cursed Gems promo.jpg Collector of Cursed Gems Earn 500 Favour
Ruby Sovereign Eyepatch promo.jpg Ruby Sovereign Eyepatch Handing in 100 total Mermaid and Siren Gems to any Trading Company.


Note: Completing any challenges using a Trident will earn extra Favour!

Image Favour Challenge
Event Challenge Ocean Crawlers small.jpg 5 Favour Defeating an Ocean Crawler.
Event Challenge Phantom small.jpg 5 Favour Defeating a Phantom.
Event Challenge Mermaid Statue.jpg 5 Favour Destroying a Sapphire Cursed Mermaid Statue.
Event Challenge Siren.jpg 10 Favour Defeating a Siren.
Event Challenge Mermaid Statue.jpg 10 Favour Destroying an Emerald Cursed Mermaid Statue.
Event Challenge Siren.jpg 15 Favour Defeating a Siren Leader.
Event Challenge Mermaid Statue.jpg 15 Favour Destroying a Ruby Cursed Mermaid Statue.
Event Challenge Siren Queen.jpg 20 Favour Defeating the Siren Queen.