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This article contains information from canon sources outside of the game.

Mercia was a Pirate, Scholar, and close friend of Ramsey Singh active in the early days of the Sea of Thieves as well as one of the first four Pirates to breach the Shroud aboard the Magpie's Wing. She was a main character of the novel Athena's Fortune and is referenced in-game as the author of the five journals found during The Shroudbreaker (Quest) as well as the five journals found within the Shrine of Hungering.


Mercia lead an eventful life aboard the Magpie's Wing and contributed much to the Sea of Thieves even after retiring to a life spent mostly on land. Her most notable contributions include setting the tone for Pirates' current relationship with the Merfolk, casting the magic afflicting many of the Cursed Chests, and studying the Sea of Thieves with an exceptionally critical eye uncommon among pirates.

Aboard the Magpie's Wing

Hand-selected by Ramsey to be the navigator aboard the Magpie's Wing, Mercia was responsible for many of the charts used in the early navigation of the Devil's Shroud. Copies of the charts she designed for the passage were distributed by Rathbone and later Stitcher Jim to the pirates who came after.

Possibly Mercia's most critical achievement during this time was her interactions with the Merfolk, with whom she could communicate directly by means of two enchanted pearl earrings found in an ancient meeting place for Mer and Humans. She would facilitate the rescue of two Merfolk captured and imprisoned by captain Douglass, the aftermath of which would lead to the famous arrangement with the Merfolk often credited to the Pirate Lord.

Later Life

After the first Battle for Golden Sands, during which the Kraken nearly scuttled the Magpie's Wing, Mercia grew to spend more time on land. She spent her life studying the magical artifacts found by the Pirate Lord and his followers across the Sea of Thieves, such as the Shroudbreaker, and recording her findings in great tomes which she insisted should be locked away until they were needed. On her dying day, Ramsey would find her at her desk, quill still in hand, with an amulet bearing the Reapers Mark accompanied by a note saying "This will suit you well."


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