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The Reaper's Bones Set consists of various Cosmetics themed around the Reaper's Bones Trading Company. These Cosmetics can only be acquired through dealings with the Company, mainly via progressing through Reaper's Bones Promotion Ranks. This Set Consists of visually upgradable Cannons and Figureheads, a Costume and a full Ship Set. Note: Each Cannon or Figurehead Skin upgraded through Company Reputation levels will replace the previous version, making it impossible to retain the looks of lesser versions if purchased.

With the May 2020 Lost Treasures Content Update, four Reaper's Bones themed Emotes were added to the game as rewards for the time-limited Reaper's Rewards Challenges Event.

Two Inaugural Sails, along with two new cosmetic rewards introduced each season, are rewarded for any Pirates who make it into the two top Emissary Ledger Tiers by the close of a ledger.

Set Components


  • Total Cost: 68,300 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Reaper's Bones Costume.png
Reaper's Bones Costume 68,300 Gold n/a Costume "Your passion is admirable - ensure that your garb is equally striking."
Reaper's Bones Rings of Distinction I
Reaper's Bones Rings of Distinction II
Reaper's Bones Rings of Distinction III
Reaper's Bones Rings of Distinction IV
Reaper's Bones Rings of Distinction V

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: 439,750 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Esteemed Reaper Cannons.png
Esteemed Reaper Cannons 18,540 Gold
Reaper's Bones 35
Cannons "These ornate cannons are reserved for Reapers who take what they want, without fear."
Famed Reaper Figurehead.png
Famed Reaper Figurehead 13,905 Gold
Reaper's Bones 30
Figurehead "It seems everyone knows your name. Your ship should reflect your notorious stature."
Legendary Reaper Figurehead.png
Legendary Reaper Figurehead 23,175 Gold
Reaper's Bones 50
Figurehead "Reaper, you embody fearlessness and freedom. You have earned the right to display this with pride."
Lowly Reaper Figurehead.png
Lowly Reaper Figurehead 4,635 Gold
Reaper's Bones 10
Figurehead "You're starting to understand what piracy truly means, but you have much to do."
Measly Reaper Cannons.png
Measly Reaper Cannons 4,635 Gold
Reaper's Bones 5
Cannons "You've swiped a few prizes from easy targets. These measly cannons might help you do better."
Notable Reaper Cannons.png
Notable Reaper Cannons 9,270 Gold
Reaper's Bones 15
Cannons "Your will to succeed has been noted. You may use these more impressive guns."
Notorious Reaper Cannons.png
Notorious Reaper Cannons 23,175 Gold
Reaper's Bones 45
Cannons "Glory is yours, Reaper. Use these excellent cannons befitting a pirate of your notoriety."
Prominent Reaper Figurehead.png
Prominent Reaper Figurehead 9,270 Gold
Reaper's Bones 20
Figurehead "People think twice before crossing you now. This quality figruehead will make it thrice."
Reaper's Bones Capstan.png
Reaper's Bones Capstan 69,550 Gold
Reaper's Bones 60
Capstan "A heavy capstan, but the labour will make you stronger."
Reaper's Bones Emissary Flag.png
Reaper's Bones Emissary Flag 20,000 Gold n/a Emissary Flag "An eternity on the waves awaits, with more gold and reputation as a servant Emissary of the Reaper's Bones."
Reaper's Bones Flag.png
Reaper's Bones Flag 2,500 Gold
Reaper's Bones 55
Flags "An eternity under this flag awaits those who remain loyal to the flame."
Reaper's Bones Hull.png
Reaper's Bones Hull 69,550 Gold
Reaper's Bones 70
Hull "Let them know you serve the Reapers. There is no shame in the calling of true piracy."
Reaper's Bones Inaugural Keeper Sails.png
Reaper's Bones Inaugural Keeper Sails
Keeper tier in Reaper's Bones Emissary Ledger 1 times 1x Sails "Your work is a credit to yourself and the Reaper's Bones - show our colours with pride."
Reaper's Bones Inaugural Master Sails.png
Reaper's Bones Inaugural Master Sails
Master tier in Reaper's Bones Emissary Ledger 1 times 1x Sails "These sails are only given to our most glorious Reapers. Exemplary work!"
Reaper's Bones Sails.png
Reaper's Bones Sails 69,550 Gold
Reaper's Bones 75
Sails "Noble sails that mark you as a pirate serving the only cause that matters; piracy itself!"
Reaper's Bones Wheel.png
Reaper's Bones Wheel 69,550 Gold
Reaper's Bones 65
Wheel "Stand at this wheel and be every inch a true pirate, master of your own destiny."
Renowned Reaper Cannons.png
Renowned Reaper Cannons 13,905 Gold
Reaper's Bones 25
Cannons "We are impressed by your fervour and refusal to follow the rules. Proudly blast these fine cannons!"
Revered Reaper Figurehead.png
Revered Reaper Figurehead 18,540 Gold
Reaper's Bones 40
Figurehead "You have followed your passion without bowing to the rules of others. Display this with honour."

Ship Decorations

  • Total Cost: 100,000 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Reaper's Bones Ship's Crest.png
Reaper's Bones Ship's Crest 100,000 Gold
Reaper's Bones 90
Ship's Crest "Let your ship's name burn in the eyes of any who behold it!"


  • Total Cost: 300,000 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Banner of Bones.png
Banner of Bones 100,000 Gold
Reaper's Bones 80
Ornaments "Flesh is weak but this material is strong, especially for adorning your walls."
Admired 'May the Flame Burn!'.png
May the Flame Burn!
n/a Trophies "A replica of the golden mask worn by the Servant of Flame, symbolising loyalty to The Reaper's Bones."
Reaper's Heart Blueprint 100,000 Gold
Reaper's Bones 85
Servant of the Flame Shipmate.png
Servant of the Flame Shipmate 100,000 Gold
Reaper's Bones 95


  • Total Cost: n/a
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Bad Orders Emote.png
Bad Orders Emote
n/a Emote "Have you seen these orders? We'll be lucky to come back without pegheads, never mind peglegs!"
Good Orders Emote.png
Good Orders Emote
n/a Emote "We can do this! A plan, a crew and plenty of treasure to divide, starting with the plan reader..."
Join Us Emote.png
Join Us Emote
n/a Emote "Yes, yes... join us! Let none stand in our way."
Mask of Union Emote.png
Mask of Union Emote
n/a Emote "Present your mask and bow; but will the other pirate respond in kind?"


  • The upgradable Figureheads show the Servant of the Flame slowly remove their mask to reveal a Skeleton with a red-gem eye behind it (see Gallery below).


Patch history

  • 2.0.14 (April 22, 2020)
    • Introduced
    • Added Reaper's Bones Costume into the Reaper's Bones Shop.
    • Added Reaper's Bone ship set into the Reaper's Bones Shop.