Sawbones Set

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The Sawbones Set is a Cosmetic Set purchasable from the Pirate Emporium. The set is themed around the idea of a plague doctor who experiments with volatile potions and the science of spectres.

Set Components


  • Total Cost: 1,346 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Sawbones Belt.png
Sawbones Belt 99 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Belt "There's got to be a more practical way of carrying all these flasks around."
Sawbones Gloves.png
Sawbones Gloves 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Gloves "Years of working with dangerous concoctions have left your hands looking almost inhuman."
Sawbones Hat.png
Sawbones Hat 499 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Hat "With so many potion fumes choking the air around you, the mask is an absolute must."
Sawbones Jacket.png
Sawbones Jacket 499 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Jacket "Getting too close to this jacket will make your eyes and nose start to burn."


  • Total Cost: 996 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Sawbones Blunderbuss.png
Sawbones Blunderbuss 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Blunderbuss "Getting too close to this weapon is a hazard to your health for a lot of reasons."
Sawbones Cutlass.png
Sawbones Cutlass 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Cutlass "You really don't want to know what this cutlass has been used for in the past."
Sawbones Eye of Reach.png
Sawbones Eye of Reach 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Eye of Reach "Time may have corroded and warped this weapon, but its aim is as true as ever."
Sawbones Pistol.png
Sawbones Pistol 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Pistol "Honestly, it's amazing that this pistol still works."

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: 4,890 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Sawbones Cannon Flare.png
Sawbones Cannon Flare 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Cannon Flare "Is this sanitary? It feels unsanitary."
Sawbones Cannons.png
Sawbones Cannons 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Cannons "It's normally against procedure to strap volatile potions to your cannons, but you sail by your own rules."
Sawbones Capstan.png
Sawbones Capstan 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Capstan "Even thinking of the squeal of rusted metal this makes is enough to set your teeth on edge."
Sawbones Collector's Figurehead.png
Sawbones Collector's Figurehead 799 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Figurehead "Nobody is quite sure whether science of spectres are responsible for this figurehead's sickly glow."
Sawbones Collector's Sails.png
Sawbones Collector's Sails 799 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Sails "Chemical fumes have eaten away at the cloth in a grisly reminder of failed experiments."
Sawbones Figurehead.png
Sawbones Figurehead 599 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Figurehead "The lifeless mask is a dread harbinger to any who spy your ship's approach."
Sawbones Flag.png
Sawbones Flag 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Flags "At the top of the crow's nest beside this flag is the least hazardous place to be on your ship."
Sawbones Hull.png
Sawbones Hull 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Hull "The boards creak and hiss like an echo of the experiments that have taken place below deck."
Sawbones Sails.png
Sawbones Sails 599 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Sails "The mask's soulless gaze never wavers from the horizon."
Sawbones Wheel.png
Sawbones Wheel 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Wheel "Mind your fingers! More than one careless corsair has lost a few digits to this contraption."


  • Total Cost: 249 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Sawbones Trinket.png
Sawbones Trinket 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Ornaments "You never know when you might need a flask of eyeballs close at hand."




Patch history

  • 2.8.1 (April 13, 2023)
    • Introduced.