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Season Six Community Day is a special 24-hour event to celebrate the Sea of Thieves community, offering a Community Emissary Grade Renown multiplier that could be boosted by the player community using the Twitter hashtag #SeaOfThievesCommunityDay (to a max of 3.5x), boosted Gold and Reputation, login rewards, and the Gilded Phoenix Banjo via Twitch Drops.

It runs from May 14, 2022 (10:00 UTC) to May 15, 2022 (10:00 UTC).

Official summary

It’s official, we’ve set the date – Sea of Thieves’ next Community Day will happen on Saturday, May 14th, mere weeks from now! We’re extremely eager to share a spectacular smorgasbord of boosted rewards, in-game items and activities to excite even the coolest of pirates.

Hot on the heels of our first Community Day in January, Season Six's celebration comes supercharged with even more ways to get involved. So if you want your whistle whetted, stick with us as we run through what’s in store.


Renown multiplier

All Tweets made with the hashtag #SeaOfThievesCommunityDay over the duration of the community event was counted, with every 100 tweets increasing Renown rewards earned in-game by 0.5x (additive), up to a maximum of a 3.5x multiplier until the end of the event.

Gold and Reputation multiplier

For the duration of the event a static 2.0x multiplier was present on all gold and reputation rewards.

This reward could be further enhanced by other multipliers such as Emissary Grade and Gold Rush, see chart below.

Cumulative Event Multipliers Chart
Just Community Day 2.0x
During Gold Rush 3.0x
With Grade 5 Emissary 5.0x
During Gold Rush &
with Grade 5 Emissary

Free cosmetics

All players who joined a game session during the event was automatically gifted the following rewards:

Image Item Description
Season Six Community Day Flag.png
Season Six Community Day Flag "Awarded to pirates who set sail during the Season Six Community Day."
Wing Flap Emote.png
Wing Flap Emote "You're either imitating a dancing bird or you really need the toilet."

Twitch Drops

Additionally, the following reward could be earned as a Twitch Drop by watching 20 minutes of any participating stream.

Image Date Reward
Gilded Phoenix Banjo drop.png May 14 Gilded Phoenix Banjo

Merchandise sale

A celebratory sale was made available on the Sea of Thieves merchandise store on May 14th 2022, where all Sea of Thieves themed merchandise was discounted by 30% with the use of the promotional code COMMUNITYDAY at checkout.

During the sale, a limited Community Day t-shirt was also made available for $17.99 USD. As well as a new offering compared to Season Five Community Day in the form of a Physical Community Day Flag for $34.99 USD.


  • Within the first two hours of the Season Six Community Day, players had eaten 60,209 Bananas, drunk 15,007 Tankards of Grog, and fired themselves from a Cannon 48,623 times.[1]
  • Within the first twelve hours of the Season Six Community Day, players had launched 212,426 Fireworks, drank 349,782 Grogs, shot themselves out of Cannons 696,913 times, played Instruments 866,096 times, eaten 1,419,238 Bananas, fired 6,777,971 Cannonballs, and earned a cumulative total of 63,456,872,535 Gold.[2]
    • At the time of making the post, there were also 2,654 unsold Chest of Legends that were in play across all servers.[3]
  • By the end off the Season Six Community Day, there were 525,387 fireworks fired, 810,862 grogs downed, 1,900,558 instruments played, 205,162 Barrel Hide Emotes used, 14,474,694 cannonballs fired, 1,4492,407 pirates shot from cannons, 71,235 pets fired from cannons, 9,212,294 instances of food being consumed, 3,078,249 of which were Bananas, a glorious 129,420,824,546 Gold earned, 39,746 Pocket Rat Emotes shown off, and 59,527 Pocket Crab Emotes used.


Asset Pack

An official social media asset pack containing wallpapers, social banners, and screenshot frames was made available during Season Six Community Day.[12]

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