The Damned Sea Dogs Tavern

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A twisted version of the Sea Dog Tavern created by my own flesh and blood! An insult that shall not go unanswered...
— The Pirate Lord

The Damned Sea Dog Tavern is a twisted manifestation created from the memories of The Glorious Sea Dog. It is used as a temporary headquarters for the Dark Brethren and interrogation room for the soul of Merrick during the course of the A Hunter's Cry Adventure.

Similar to its Sea of Thieves counterpart, there are three docks surrounding the main Tavern. However, unique to this version of the Tavern are lighthouses which are built upon those docks. These lighthouses must be ignited with a Flame of Souls and used to light braziers scattered around the central landmass in order to reveal access to more of the island.


  • A modified version of the Sea Dogs Tavern Challenge Route, is used to reach the top of the Tavern.
    • This modified version is easier due to providing a shortcut leading back up to the route with each lantern ignited. Many of the jumps were modified to be shorter or provide a safety net upon failure.
  • A few Gold piles can be found at the base of each lighthouse, as well as a room located at the top of the Tavern.
  • The barrels which could be found at the docks before each lighthouse carry Phantom Cannonballs and Flame Phantom Cannonballs, instead of plain Cannonballs and Firebombs.


Patch history

  • (August 18, 2022)
    • Introduced as part of the A Hunter's Cry adventure.
    • (August 24th) Implemented changes to the Adventure based on player feedback:
      • The maximum number of crews during Chapter One has been reduced from 4 to 2. [1]
      • The time limit during Chapter One has been increased from 45 minutes to 1 hour.[2]