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Disambig.png This article is about the ship set. For the Arena Team, see The Flaming Jackal.

The Flaming Jackal Set is based off the ship cosmetics used by the Arena Team of the same name. This set has a red Hull Livery and Sails with a golden finish. The Flaming Jackal's insignia is a golden Cutlass on a bright red background, which is displayed on its Sails and Flag.


The Flaming Jackal ship cosmetics were gifted to players who reached a Reputation Level of 5 with the Sea Dogs before 18:00 UTC January 27th, 2022. [1]

The set was later expanded with additional items that are available to purchase in from Outpost shops.

Set Components


  • Total Cost: 43,100 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Flaming Jackal Cutlass.png
Flaming Jackal Cutlass 9,900 Gold n/a Cutlass "The crimson blade flashes like fire when in the hands of a skilled sword master."
Flaming Jackal Eye of Reach.png
Flaming Jackal Eye of Reach 13,400 Gold n/a Eye of Reach "Snuff out enemies from afar without ever needing to leave the comfort of your cabin."
Flaming Jackal Heavy Sword.png
Flaming Jackal Heavy Sword 9,900 Gold n/a Cutlass "Deliver a real bite in the heat of battle with a blade built to take down whole crews."
Flaming Jackal Rapier.png
Flaming Jackal Rapier 9,900 Gold n/a Cutlass "Spring in for a series of swift, searing strikes like the best opportunist hunters."


  • Total Cost: 43,550 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Flaming Jackal Banjo.png
Flaming Jackal Banjo 4,950 Gold n/a Banjo "The strings spit and hiss with a fiery fury when plucked."
Flaming Jackal Bucket.png
Flaming Jackal Bucket 2,650 Gold n/a Bucket "Despite the name, this bucket's better at putting out fires than starting them."
Flaming Jackal Compass.png
Flaming Jackal Compass 3,950 Gold n/a Compass "Navigate your way through the fiercest of battles with this dependable compass."
Flaming Jackal Concertina.png
Flaming Jackal Concertina 4,000 Gold n/a Concertina "Branded with the flaming sword of a legendary band of battle-hardened buccaneers."
Flaming Jackal Drum.png
Flaming Jackal Drum 4,950 Gold n/a Drum "The perfect instrument for drumming out a marching beat as you venture into battle."
Flaming Jackal Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Flaming Jackal Hurdy-Gurdy 4,000 Gold n/a Hurdy-Gurdy "Celebrate your victories with a jaunty tune on this hurdy-gurdy, adorned with a medal won from past accomplishments."
Flaming Jackal Lantern.png
Flaming Jackal Lantern 2,650 Gold n/a Lantern "The fire within this lantern is but a reflection of the fire burning within your fighting spirit."
Flaming Jackal Pocket Watch.png
Flaming Jackal Pocket Watch 3,950 Gold n/a Pocket Watch "Be warned, this watch has a tendency to burn a hole in your pocket whenever you're late for a meeting."
Flaming Jackal Shovel.png
Flaming Jackal Shovel 2,600 Gold n/a Shovel "Dig for victory! Or treasure. Mostly treasure, actually."
Flaming Jackal Speaking Trumpet.png
Flaming Jackal Speaking Trumpet 3,250 Gold n/a Speaking Trumpet "In the heat of battle, you'll need this speaking trumpet to be heard over the sound of cannon fire."
Flaming Jackal Spyglass.png
Flaming Jackal Spyglass 5,350 Gold n/a Spyglass "You should always keep one eye on the horizon when you're taking on the Sea of Thieves with blades and bullets."
Flaming Jackal Tankard.png
Flaming Jackal Tankard 1,250 Gold n/a Tankard "After a fierce battle on the seas, what better way is there for a pirate to relax than with a grog in their hand?"

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: n/a
Image Name Source Cost Requires Type In-game description
Flaming Jackal Figurehead.png
Flaming Jackal Figurehead Ship Customisation Chest
Sea Dogs 5
Figurehead "Carved in the form of a fire-breathing jackal, this figurehead is hot property."
Flaming Jackal Flag.png
Flaming Jackal Flag Ship Flag Box
Sea Dogs 5
Flags "Honour the Glorious Sea Dogs whenever you fly this ferocious flag."
Flaming Jackal Hull.png
Flaming Jackal Hull Ship Customisation Chest
Sea Dogs 5
Hull "The roaring red hull of a ship that fought many past battles in the Sea Dogs' Arena."
Flaming Jackal Sails.png
Flaming Jackal Sails Ship Customisation Chest
Sea Dogs 5
Sails "Sails emblazoned with a fiery cutlass to cut a swathe across the seas."


Patch history

  • 2.8.5 (August 31, 2023)
    • Added equipment and weapons available to purchase from Outpost shops.
  • 2.4.2 (February 10, 2022)
    • Added Flaming Jackal Figurehead.
  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • Introduced as a team designated cosmetic set in The Arena game mode.


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