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The Season Ten Community Weekend is a 48-hour special event to celebrate the Sea of Thieves community and Season Ten. It will run from December 2, 2023 (11:00 UTC) to December 4, 2023 (11:00 UTC).

The event offers Community Emissary Grade reward boosts based on Twitch watch time, Pop-Up Plunder (now with fish), log-in bonuses, a time-limited Title, picture walls at every Outpost, as well as #BeMorePirate and #StyleOfThieves social media campaigns.

Official summary

Pirates! If there’s one thing you know we take seriously, it’s celebrating how brilliant you, our players, all are. So it should come as no surprise to you that we’re very serious – and also very excited – about Season Ten’s upcoming Community Weekend, which has officially been scheduled to start on Saturday, December 2nd at 11am UTC. Lasting 48 hours, this latest Event promises to celebrate our wonderful players and spoil sailors with a plethora of goodies and Pop-Up Plunder offerings.

Community Emissary Grade

A Community Emissary Grade will be raised by total viewing time accumulated in the Sea of Thieves category on Twitch during the event. As the Community Emissary Grade rises, the multiplier on gold, reputation (including for Guilds), Renown, and Allegiance will increase up to a total of 2.5x the reward.

Community Emissary Grade progress is tracked in-game at every Outpost via the flag on display at the local picture wall or through the Events menu!

Pop-Up Plunder

Pop-Up Plunder.jpg

Pop-Up Plunder will become available periodically throughout the event. Players will receive a notification in-game that Pop-Up Plunder has appeared and a clue of its whereabouts will be released on official Sea of Thieves social media channels.

Once the Pop-Up Plunder has been dug up, a map marker will appear on Map Tables for everyone on the server to see and track.

Pop-Up Plunder will continue to appear periodically until the end of the event.

Some of the possible items that might be found at the Pop-Up Plunder dig spot include:

Twitch Drops

Obsidian Captain's Drapes promo.jpg

Twitch Drops will be available during the event by watching any Twitch streamer.

Season Ten Community Weekend Schedule
December 2 - December 4, 2023
Image Time to unlock Rewards
Eastern Winds Ruby Pristine Jacket.png
1 hour Eastern Winds Ruby Pristine Jacket
Gilded Phoenix Pistol.png
2 hours Gilded Phoenix Pistol
Eastern Winds Ruby Wrap Dress.png
3 hours Eastern Winds Ruby Wrap Dress
Gilded Phoenix Blunderbuss.png
4 hours Gilded Phoenix Blunderbuss
Bonus Twitch Drop
Obsidian Captain's Drapes.png
Obsidian Captain's Drapes

Bonus Twitch Drops

If the Sea of Thieves category had entered the top 10 game categories (by number of viewers) on Twitch during the event, a bonus drop, the Obsidian Captain's Drapes, would have been released as an additional drop earnable during the event. Although Season Ten's community weekend did not reach the required goal to unlock the Drapes, they will return for a future Community Weekend.

Log-in bonuses

Season Ten Community Weekend Flag promo.jpg

All players who enter a game session during the event are automatically gifted the following rewards.

Image Log-in bonus
Season Ten Community Weekend Flag.png
Season Ten Community Weekend Flag
Snapping Shark Emote.png
Snapping Shark Emote

Time-limited Title

Victor of Siren Song Title promo.jpg

Celebrating the new competitive World Event, the Skull of Siren Song voyage, a time-limited Title, Victor of Siren Song, will be available to earn only during the 48-hour period of the Community Weekend event by selling a Skull of Siren Song.

Picture wall

Season Nine Community Weekend Picture Wall.jpg

Following its popularity during the Fifth Anniversary Community Weekend, the picture wall is returning to the Sea of Thieves – this time at every Outpost, so you won't need to trek to Port Merrick to snap your perfect selfie. They'll also boast a flag that represents the Community Emissary Grade at any given time, so you’ll know how at a glance how Grade progression is going. There will also be a functional grog barrel at each wall, so pirates won't have to travel far for a celebratory beverage. Cheers to that!

Merchandise sale

A celebratory sale is made available on the Sea of Thieves merchandise store for the duration of the event. During the sale, a limited Community Weekend t-shirt and a physical Season Ten Community Weekend Flag are available for purchase.

Social media campaigns


These community events serve as an opportunity to spotlight community MVPs, celebrate amazing players, artists, creators and general good eggs. So if you think either you or one of your crewmates deserves fame and a particularly fetching hat, look no further as the #BeMorePirate drive returns for Season Ten Community Weekend.

From now until the end of the event, Sea of Thieves will be scouring channels and the #BeMorePirate hashtag for amazing Sea of Thieves stories and creations. Winners will be awarded the Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame.


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