Shrine of Ocean's Fortune

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The Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune is a Siren Shrine located in The Shores of Plenty.

As implied by its name, the Shrine of Ocean's Fortune is used by Sirens and Ocean Crawlers to store stolen treasures and bounties from captured pirate ships[1].


The exterior of the Shrine is an impressive towering spire design, adorned with a colourful coral covering. Around the structure, many shipwrecks can be found that the Sirens have dragged down to the ocean floor to tear them apart and make their own use of them. The entrance into the Shrine is marked by a huge rib cage leading up to the door, surrounded by large patches of glowing light blue coral. Passing under the huge wooden doorway will bring pirates into the first air-filled chamber of the Shrine.

Inside, the primary theme of this Shrine is pulleys, platforms and parkour. The first room is a tall chamber that pirates must progress upwards through in order to find the exit to the next stage at the top of the room. Players must make use of a network of pulley systems to move wooden platforms that help them to traverse further up the chamber, while collecting treasure and handing it to the friendly Merfolk Statues along the way. The second room faces Crews with a wave of Ocean Crawlers to take on. This small area is full of old shipwreck parts to navigate, along with the Shrine’s Breath of the Sea pedestal, which would hold a Breath of the Sea if lead to the Shrine by a Secret of the Sea parchment found inside of a Coral Message in a Bottle. After dealing with the force of Ocean Crawlers, Crews may move up into the Shrine’s final chamber. This tall chamber is built around one central mast which is rotatable further up. After taking on a second wave of Ocean Crawler enemies, there are a number of Ship’s Wheels throughout the space that can be manipulated to rotate the mast to a desired position, allowing pirates to jump across beams to reach higher floor levels. Partway up, a bubble door is reached leading out to the open ocean. Crews who choose to continue to make their way up will be rewarded with a number of Treasure Items, as well as a Chest of Ancient Tributes at the topmost point. Nearby, a door used during The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom voyage can be found, but offers no real uses unless this Voyage has been embarked upon.


There are 5 journals scattered throughout the Shrine, written by Yenay.

1. Your Beautiful World

(On the right as you enter the Shrine, among a pile of planks.)

Dialogue icon.png

I have found it, my love, a little more scarred and world-weary than when I set out, but I have discovered the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune!
You would not believe the riches held down here. I have never seen such beauty and splendour, your world is truly beautiful.
And yet, all I can think about is the cold indifference of eyes that were once so kind. Your eyes.
I will find a way to reverse what has happened to you, even if I have to search every inch of this shrine and examine every trinket and coin.
I will look into your eyes and see the warmth returned; I swear to you.


2. I’m Close, I Can Feel It

(After entering the cave after the first capstan, in a pile of rocks next to blue glowing seaweed on the way towards the lever that opens the iron door.)

Dialogue icon.png

It seems the Ancients feared the Sirens, but not for the same reason we do today. They feared that they impacted the balance of something within the Sea of Thieves, something that they held dear.
They seemed to think that the heart of this problem was someone called the Sea King. The magic that turned him into a Siren was forbidden, and released a curse on the Sea Queen (his lover) and all her court.
This curse became known as The Whispering Plague and caused them all to forget who and what they had been, perhaps a blessing in disguise?
The Ancients sought a way to minimise the effect of this imbalance by binding the Sea King forever.


3. Love is Stronger than Hate

(Up the path, under turquoise coral on the hairpin turn after taking on a wave of skeletons.)

Dialogue icon.png

I don’t understand it, my love. Why would the Sea King return to his people?! He must have known they hated and feared him? Why would he risk his life to seek peace?
Perhaps, like me, he believed his love was stronger than any curse, even hatred.
I wish I could tell you he was right, but what they did to him was terrible. They lured him, under a banner of peace, to a sacred place and they chained him there; but he was too strong for them.
He broke free and they murdered him. Using binding magic, they bound his soul into a specially crafted chest, his bones scattered carelessly around it.
This chest would be his eternal resting place. Forever weeping for the evils done to him and for the loss of his beloved queen.


4. I Have Failed You

(By some blue coral on a piece of shipwreck to the North Northwest side of the second chamber.)

Dialogue icon.png

The Sea Queen’s grief was all-consuming. But she did not weep and tear her hair, she turned her grief into brutal revenge.
She, and her kind, swore that no land-dweller would safely cross the seas ever again. Any boat, craft, anything that entered the waters was dragged below.
Their bodies sent to be transformed inside the Mermaid Statues and their treasures added to these very halls by the Ocean Crawlers.
This place is littered with figureheads, capstans and all sorts of trophies taken from sunken ships.
Though I have searched everywhere, I have failed to find the fabled magical item I hoped would return you to me, but I have not lost hope. I might not have an item, but I do have a plan.


5. Do Not Give Up Hope

(By blue coral in a shipwreck to the right of a Merfolk Statue, at the top of the third and final chamber.)

Dialogue icon.png

My dearest love, the plan I spoke of may take some time, so I need you to be patient
I will find the heart of the Sunken Kingdom and beseech the Sea Queen to return you to me.
Having learned her story, I know she will understand my pain. Perhaps she is the only one who truly can.
By reuniting us, love will triumph over hate and I can’t help but feel that is the ending she wanted for her own story.



Pieces of Coral Treasure are found scattered throughout the Shrines. Progressing further through the Shrine will reward pirates with more Treasure. Some Shrines may contain a Chest of Ancient Tributes found near the end, on top of the Coral Treasure found throughout.

If led to the Shrine by a Secret of the Sea parchment from a Coral Message in a Bottle, a Breath of the Sea can be found sitting on a throne somewhere within the Shrine.

To save pirates from needing to take their new-found treasure all the way back up the surface, up to 20 loot pieces can be stored in friendly Mermaid Statues found along the way. Any Coral Treasure Chests filled with three loot items count as a single loot item, saving up space for the other Treasure items to be stored in the statues. Any Treasure left with the statues can be redeemed back on the surface from a friendly mermaid with a shell, emitting purple smoke. When interacted with, any treasure collected will float up to the surface and the mermaid depart.

Patch history

  • 2.7.2 (January 19, 2023)
    • Players will no longer appear to start swimming on a wall at the Shrine of Ocean's Fortune.
  • 2.4.1 (January 20, 2022)
    • Treasure retrieved from the Sunken Merfolk Statue near the top of the Shrine should no longer cause items to float off the edge of the platform.
  • 2.3.1 (October 14, 2021)
    • When interacting with the first pulley, players should no longer appear to rise off the ground.
    • When retrieving treasure from Sunken Merfolk Statues, treasure should no longer spawn in the environment.
    • When the Storm passes over the Shrine of Ocean's Fortune, the Wheels in the top section should no longer turn.
    • There should no longer be a hole in the terrain behind one of the Barrels in the room with the skeleton bridge.
  • 2.3.0 (September 23, 2021)
    • Introduced.


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