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Travesía de mercenario

  • La huida de la parca de Shipwreck BayDuke ofrece otra traicionera Travesía de la Huida de la Parca con un coste de 5 doblones para desafiar a los atrevidos piratas. Cualquier tripulación dispuesta a aceptar este desafío deberá desafiar las aguas que rodean a Shipwreck Bay. ¡Con varias tripulaciones dirigiéndose a la misma ubicación, prepárate para luchar!
  • Desafío de la Marca de la Parca – ¿Buscas más desafíos? Equipa tu bandera de la Marca de la Parca antes de zarpar para advertir a las tripulaciones rivales de tu presencia. Los piratas que completen la huida de la parca de Shipwreck Bay con la Marca de la Parca hondeando en lo más alto desbloquearán el progreso a un Elogio Legendario (Parca legendaria de Wanderer's Refuge) y el título de la Parca de Shipwreck Bay. ¡Sólo para los piratas más temibles!
  • Travesía de mercenario de Devil's Roar y Shores of Plenty - Visita a Duke para encontrar dos nuevas ofertas de Travesías de mercenario regionales. Ambas travesías cuesta 5 doblones y dirigen a los piratas a una región específica del par para completarla. ¡Además, la travesía de mercenario de Devil's Roar ofrece recompensas significativamente mayores!
  • La travesía dorada de mercenario para leyendas - Los piratas legendarios debe visitar a Duke para encontrar el regreso de una popular travesía, la célebre "Travesía Dorada". ¡Esta travesía solo podrá cogerse una vez, así que tenlo en cuenta, Leyenda!
  • Vela de la Parca de Shipwreck Bay, Ojo Lejano y Trabuco de mercenario - ¡Visita a Duke para su próximo conjunto de cosmético de tiempo limitado! Completa la Parca legendaria de Wanderer's Refuge para desbloquear las temidas Vela de la Parca de Shipwreck Bay, completa la travesía de mercenario de Devil's Roar para desbloquear el Trabuco de mercenario y completa la travesía de mercenario de Shores of Plenty para desbloquear el Ojo Lejano de mercenario.

¡Feliz aniversario!

Mejoras de equilibrio en combate

  • Wielding Weapons – The forced firing delay has been removed when wielding a gun after sprinting or undocking, allowing players to fire sooner. The forced firing delay when switching weapons still remains to prevent fast switching and firing between guns.
  • Sword Switching – Players are now able to switch weapons/items at any point during a light sword attack. Players are still prevented from switching during a heavy sword attack.


  • Molten Sands Fortress – Molten Sands Fortress is now active! Face off against skeleton waves while dodging volcanic rocks and luring them onto geysers before raiding the vault for Ashen Rewards!
  • Mercenary Cosmetics Bundle – The previously exclusive Mercenary cosmetic bundle is now available for purchase at Outposts across the world. Head to The Wilds, The Ancient Isles, The Shores of Plenty or The Devil's Roar to purchase the Mercenary clothing, equipment, Pistol and Cutlass from their respective Outpost stores.
  • Xbox Mouse and Keyboard Support – Players on Xbox can now take full advantage of mouse and keyboard support on their favourite console!
  • Xbox Chatpad Support – Players on Xbox can now use a Microsoft Chatpad to engage in text chat with other players. Press 'T' (Default) to initiate chat or rebind from your Settings menu.
  • New Player Onboarding Improvements – The final onboarding pop-up informing players where to purchase their first voyage now persists on-screen until the onboarding is complete.
  • Inactive Player Detection – Improved detection and disconnection of inactive players wherever they are in the world.
  • Construction In Progress – Work appears to have begun around the Arches rock formation. What could they be building?

Mejoras de rendimiento

  • Voice chat should now be much more reliable when many players are speaking at the same time.
  • Resolved a number of game stability issues.

Problemas solucionados


  • Resolved an issue preventing players from switching to an item/weapon after hitting an object with a sword swing.
  • Players can emote while vomiting, and no longer see a stream of vomit coming from their head.

Sonido y visualización

  • Resolved eyepiece clipping issues in some Eye of Reach scopes.
  • Resolved missing geometry on Sovereign Figureheads.
  • Resolved stretched texture on Majestic Sovereign Trousers.


  • Prevented fog from changing the colour of UI banners.


  • Resolved issue preventing Fort skeletons from correctly spawning in Lost Gold Fort.
  • Resolved issue where players could get stuck between trees on Roaring Sands.
  • Resolved issue where players could get stuck in missing geometry on Smugglers' Bay.