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The Athena's Fortune Voyage is a type of Voyage players of Legendary Repute can embark upon in the Sea of Thieves.


Obtaining this Voyage is only accessible to pirates who've attained the Title of Pirate Legend. To pick up an Athena Voyage, pirates must visit the Athena's Fortune Hideout and speak to the Pirate Lord. While only Pirate Legends may obtain the Voyage or place it on the Voyage Table, any pirate may vote on an Athena Voyage, or be part of the crew that is on an Athena Voyage. Therefore, to run an Athena Voyage, a crew needs to have at least one Pirate Legend on it; or have a Pirate Legend join the crew, drop the Voyage, then leave; or have a Pirate Legend board the ship from another crew and drop the Voyage.

While doing an Athena's Fortune Voyage as an Athena's Fortune Emissary Crew, progressing through or completing the Quests (completing Treasure Maps, solving riddles in a Riddle Map and killing Captains in a Bounty Map), as well as picking up and placing any of the Athena's Treasure on your Ship for the first time will reward the Crew with Emissary Grade Reputation. Crews do not gain Emissary Grade Reputation for picking up any non-Athena Treasure.

The Voyage

Athena's Fortune Voyages are two Chapter Voyages that lead Player Crews on varied Quests in the three main Regions of The Sea of Thieves: The Wilds, The Shores of Plenty or The Ancient Isles. The main allure of an Athena's Fortune Voyage is Athena's Treasure that can be acquired throughout these Quests and the final Chest of Legends dug up during the final Chapter of the Voyage.

Chapter One

The first chapter contains three Quests leading Crews throughout three nearby Large Islands. This Chapter always consists of a X Marks the Spot Maps, a Riddle Maps and a Bounty Maps.

Treasure Maps

The X Marks the Spot Map can appear on any Large Islands in the three main Regions and it always have 3 X's. Finding all the X's gives Athena's Fortune Emissaries Emissary Grade Reputation. These X's can uncover the following Treasure Items:

Athena's Fortune Treasure:

Riddle Maps

The Riddle Map can lead Crews to any Large Islands in the three main Regions. This Map always have 3 Riddle lines. Solving each line gives Athena's Fortune Emissaries Emissary Grade Reputation. These Maps uncover a Collector's Chest with Gold, one Chalice of Ancient Fortune, one Gilded Relic of Ancient Fortune and one Jar of Athena's Incense.

Bounty Maps

The Bounty Map have 3 Skeleton Captains of any types. These Captains give Athena's Fortune Emissaries Emissary Grade Reputation when defeated. The Captains always drop Skulls of Ancient Fortune.

Chapter Two

Once the previous 3 Quests have all been completed, Crews will gain access to Chapter Two of the Voyage, which has only one Treasure Map on a Large Island with just one X. This X will uncover the legendary Chest of Legends, which will fetch a high price from the Mysterious Stranger at Taverns when sold.

Ashen Athena's Fortune Voyage

File:Ashen Athena's Fortune Voyage.png
Ashen Athena's Fortune Voyage

Those Crews that want a little more challenging Athena's Run for even more valuable Treasure items can embark on an Ashen Athena's Fortune Voyage in The Devil's Roar. These Voyages can also be purchased from the Pirate Lord, but take place only on Islands within the Devil's Roar. The structure of the Voyage is the same as the regular Athena's Voyage, with 3 Ashen Quests with a Treasure Map, a Riddle Map and a Bounty Map. However, the final Chest uncovered during the second chapter is an Ashen Chest of Legends, which is even more valuable than its regular counterpart.

Legend of the Veil

Main article: Legend of the Veil

Legend of the Veil is a three-chapter story-based Voyage similar to a Tall Tale. It is available to all Pirate Legends and gives a generous amount of Athena's Fortune Treasure as rewards for completing a series of unique challenges.


Sailor of Athena's Fortune emblem.png
Sailor of Athena's FortuneSail 1000 nautical miles on Athena's Fortune Voyages.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 10
  • Grade II: 75
  • Grade III: 200
  • Grade IV: 500
  • Grade V: 1,000
Title icon.png Rewards the Sailor of Athena's Fortune Title.
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Legendary Capstan for purchase.
Athena's Voyager emblem.png
Athena's VoyagerComplete 30 Athena's Fortune Voyages.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 1
  • Grade II: 5
  • Grade III: 10
  • Grade IV: 20
  • Grade V: 30
Title icon.png Rewards the Athena's Voyager Title.
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Legendary Wheel for purchase.


  • Before the 2.10.1 patch, the first chapter of Athena's Fortune Voyages consisted of 8 maps, with two Treasure Maps, two Riddle Maps, two Bounty Maps and two Cargo Runs, each with a limited chance of getting Athena's Fortune Treasures.
  • The Athena's Fortune Voyages used to require players to deliver Animals instead of Cargo Crates for the Merchant Alliance.

Patch history

  • 2.10.1 (February 19, 2024)
      • The Voyage of Legends and Ashen Voyage of Legends have now been refreshed, providing a shorter session experience and consistently delivering rewards for the Athena’s Fortune Trading Company.
  • 1.1.7 (July 19, 2018)
    • Athena's Fortune Bounty Quests are no longer incorrectly blank.
  • 1.1.1 (June 5, 2018)
    • Athena's Fortune Rewards - The chances of finding more valuable rewards have been increased. Pirate Legends and their crews can now expect to see higher rewards when embarking on their Athena's Fortune voyages.
    • Athena's Fortune Bounty Quest skeletons will now correctly spawn on Thieves' Haven.