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Emissary Grades constitute the Graded progression system of Trading Company Emissaries in Sea of Thieves. Each Emissary Trading Company has 5 Emissary Reputation Grades indicating a Ship and Crew's dedication to the Company's cause. Emissary Grades provide various benefits such as increasing Rewards, Reputation gains and Emissary Value and providing Crews with Emissary Quests. Emissary Grades are progressed through by completing tasks related to the given represented Trading Company.


In order to be Graded as an Emissary, Player Crews first have to vote to become representing Emissaries for a Trading Company. This can be done at an Emissary Table (usually next to Trading Company Representatives) once players have purchased the Emissary Flag for the Company. Every Emissary Ship starts out at Grade I that rewards Players with only Emissary Value for each Company-specific Treasure item sold. Crews get Emissary Grade Reputation for completing tasks for the Companies, such as Voyages and Quests, defeating dangers on the Seas or Sinking rivalling Ships. Emissary Reputation is generally not gained for selling Treasure Items. Players can see their Emissary Grade progress from the Reputation Tab in the Pirate Menu or in the Equipment Radial Menu. Emissary Grades can be progressed up to Grade V, after which Crews gain access to special bonuses.

Emissary Grades are visualised on the two Emissary Flags, one on the back of the Ship, which counts grades in lines forming a circle around the Company's Insignia, and one on top of the Crow's Nest, which gets longer with more notches the higher the Crew's Grade. These can be seen from far away. A Reaper's Bones Ship's Emissary Grades are shown on the Map Table for everyone.

A Crew will lose all Emissary Progress when their Ship sinks or they return their flag to the Emissary Table. A sunken Emissary Ship will leave behind a Graded Broken Emissary Flag, which the Reaper's Bones are willing to buy for increasing Gold and Reputation. A Crew's own Broken Emissary Flag is only worth 1 Gold.

Emissary Grade Reputation is not shared between Player Alliances.

Advancing Grades

Emissary Grades can be advanced by doing various Company-related tasks while representing the Company as an Emissary.

The following activities raise Emissary Grades:

Common things that currently don't advance grades:

*World Event completions only raise Emissary Grade when finishing the Event itself. Any enemies, ships or bosses taken down during the encounter do not count.

Emissary Grade Rewards

The higher the Emissary Ship's Emissary Grade, the higher the Crew's Gold/Doubloon, Reputation and Emissary Value gains. The following table marks the Reward and Emissary Value multipliers by each Grade. When selling Treasure as a graded Emissary, Players will see the Gold or Doubloon bonus added behind the base value of each sold Treasure in the top right of the screen, along with a small icon of the Trading Company to mark the source of the bonus.

Emissary Grade Rewards, Reputation & Emissary Value
Grade 1 Base Reward
Grade 2 +33% Base Reward
Grade 3 +67% Base Reward
Grade 4 +100% Base Reward
Grade 5 +150% Base Reward

Emissary Quests

Once a Crew has achieved Grade V as a Company's Emissary, special Emissary Quests will become available for the Crew. These are collections of Quests with high-value rewards for that Company. Emissary Quests can be claimed at a Company Representative on Outposts. An Emissary Quest can be claimed for reaching Grade V just once, meaning that players will have to return their flag and work their way back to Grade V to claim another Quest in one session. The Reaper's Bones does not offer a Quest, but a special power to give all other Emissary Ships the Reaper's Mark on their Map Table.

Grade V Emissary Bonuses: