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Ornaments are purely decorative models which are primarily purchased at any time from the Shipwright Shop for gold or the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins. Each Ornament can be placed up to five times in different locations on a single Captained ship.


The following are all the available Cosmetic Ornament Variants in Sea of Thieves:

  • Total Cost: 2,567,500 Gold  5,229 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Requires Set In-game description
'A Broken Blade'.png
'A Broken Blade' 249 Ancient Coins n/a A Pirate's Life "A painting inspired by the Silver Blade, a luckless vessel claimed by the Siren Queen."
'Astrolabe of Ancient Stars'.png
'Astrolabe of Ancient Stars'
Esteemed Guild tier in Guilds Emissary Ledger 2 times 2x Standalone Cosmetics "The amazing instrument, the Astrolabe, used for charting the secrets of the stars."
'Eternal Freedom'.png
'Eternal Freedom' 249 Ancient Coins n/a A Pirate's Life "A painting inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow's legendary ship, setting sail for the unknown."
'Guild's First Coin'.png
'Guild's First Coin'
Esteemed Guild tier in Guilds Emissary Ledger 1 times 1x Standalone Cosmetics "An homage to the first coin your Guild ever received."
'Hunter's Repose' Memento.png
'Hunter's Repose' Memento
n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A portrait of 'Merry' Merrick, summoner of Megalodons, painted during more tranquil times."
'Mêlée by Moonlight'.png
'Mêlée by Moonlight'
Mêlée Island Investigator
Mêlée Island Investigator emblem.png
Mêlée Island Investigator
Legendary Commendation: Complete all commendations for 'The Journey to Mêlée Island' Tall Tale.
Mêlée Island "A Painting of Low Street on Mêlée Island. Just looking at it evokes the thrill of adventure!"
'The Bayou Beckons'.png
'The Bayou Beckons' 249 Ancient Coins n/a A Pirate's Life "A painting inspired by tales of a mysterious shack in a far-off swamp, where great power resides..."
'The Constellation's Secret'.png
'The Constellation's Secret'
Legendary Guild tier in Guilds Emissary Ledger 2 times 2x Standalone Cosmetics "A masterful piece inspired by the stars that shift and twinkle in an inky night sky."
'The Cursed Ferryman'.png
'The Cursed Ferryman' 249 Ancient Coins n/a A Pirate's Life "A painting inspired by the ruthless Davy Jones and his notorious, nightmarish vessel."
'The Grotto's Hoard'.png
'The Grotto's Hoard' 249 Ancient Coins n/a A Pirate's Life "A painting inspired by a fabulous treasure pile that broke a crew's sacred bond."
'The Journey Begins'.png
'The Journey Begins' 249 Ancient Coins n/a Mêlée Island "A painting of a ship bathed in moonlight as it makes the journey to Mélée Island."
'The Relentless Onslaught'.png
'The Relentless Onslaught'
Legendary Guild tier in Guilds Emissary Ledger 1 times 1x Standalone Cosmetics "A painting inspired by an epic battle of endless cannon fire between two ships."
'What Lurks Below'.png
'What Lurks Below' 249 Ancient Coins n/a A Pirate's Life "A painting inspired by tales of the Sunken Kingdom, where malevolent Sirens dwell."
‘Hands of Friendship’.png
‘Hands of Friendship’ 12,500 Gold
Guild Initiate
Guild Initiate emblem.png
Guild Initiate
Set sail on a ship enrolled in a Guild to which you belong.
Standalone Cosmetics "A hand-carved keepsake that represents the friendships found within a Guild."
A Dear Feathered Friend.png
A Dear Feathered Friend 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A loving wooden memorial of a pirate's beloved parrot. It looks real enough to squawk."
A Failed Attempt.png
A Failed Attempt 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "An abandoned bust from a carver in training. You can't always make a masterpiece."
A Night's Takings.png
A Night's Takings 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "This pirate has finished a night's busking, or they're about to swindle some poor soul with a game of Cap and Coin."
A Study in Wood.png
A Study in Wood 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A finished sculpture of an unknown pirate Captain, now immortalised in flotsam."
An Ode to Academia.png
An Ode to Academia 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Even in death, this scholarly skull still learns."
Anchor of Fortitude.png
Anchor of Fortitude 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Impress visitors with this anchor - said to be the one from the Magpie's Wing. It definitely wasn't dredged up from a random wreck."
Ancient Chain.png
Ancient Chain 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "This unassuming chain is actually from the very first ship that crossed into the Sea of Thieves. At least that's what the brochure says."
Antiquarian's Scroll Stash.png
Antiquarian's Scroll Stash 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A spare canvas, recovered from the workshop of one of the pirate world's greatest artists. What masterpiece will you paint?"
Antiquated Candlestick.png
Antiquated Candlestick 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "The argent ornament is said to be part of a set, along with a golden bread bin and a bronze butcher's knife."
Argent Vials.png
Argent Vials 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Kraken ink, fine wine, deadly poison - store all manner of liquid in these silvery bottles. Just don't mix them up."
Aroma of Relaxation.png
Aroma of Relaxation 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Let your worries melt away with this intoxicating incense. Simply light the sticks, take a deep breath and calmly yell "Serenity now! Serenity now!""
Assorted Elixirs.png
Assorted Elixirs 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Kept in flasks carved from amethyst, these mysterious brews are reported to cure any ailment. Definitely not just bilgewater with a hint of pineapples."
Axethrower's Bullseye.png
Axethrower's Bullseye 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Don't try to wrench the axe from this target - it's bolted on. This still doesn't stop haughty pirates from trying."
Banner of Bones.png
Banner of Bones 100,000 Gold
Reaper's Bones 80
Reaper's Bones "Flesh is weak but this material is strong, especially for adorning your walls."
Banner of Gold.png
Banner of Gold 100,000 Gold
Gold Hoarders 80
Gold Hoarders "Unlock the beauty of your ship's interior with the Gold Hoarders' famous flag."
Banner of Souls.png
Banner of Souls 100,000 Gold
Order of Souls 80
Order of Souls "Relive your memories of battling skeletons with this fearsome flag."
Banner of the Alliance.png
Banner of the Alliance 100,000 Gold
Merchant Alliance 80
Merchant Alliance "The world is your oyster with this terrific traders' tapestry."
Bear & Bird Trinket.png
Bear & Bird Trinket 249 Ancient Coins n/a Bear & Bird "A lovingly whittled tribute to a mythical bear and bird, dedicated to defending their mountain home from witchy incursions."
Blank Sign.png
Blank Sign 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Someone's about to pin their grievances to the Captain's door, or paint a wanted poster of the villain who ate all the shark steak."
Blossoming Bonsai.png
Blossoming Bonsai 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A tiny tree, said to come from a far-flung eastern forest. It gives off a delightfully fresh aroma."
Boarhunter Trinket.png
Boarhunter Trinket 249 Ancient Coins n/a Boarhunter "Whatever you do, don't leave this lying around on your ship and forget where you put it."
Bootiful Bouquet.png
Bootiful Bouquet 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Haven't got a vase to hand? A shoe full of soil is an adequate receptacle for fresh flowers."
Boots of Boundless Curiosity.png
Boots of Boundless Curiosity 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Made for walking. Obviously not now, they're taking a well-deserved rest."
Bottles of Mystery.png
Bottles of Mystery 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "The beguiling colours of these enigmatic bottles call out to you: "Drink me, drink me!""
Bounteous Barnacles.png
Bounteous Barnacles 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Push the boundaries of interior design by having these crustaceans decorate your ship. People will praise you as a maverick."
Briggsy's Mask.png
Briggsy's Mask
n/a Briggsy "A trinket for your ship fashioned to look like Briggsy's Mask."
Bullion Crown Trinket.png
Bullion Crown Trinket
n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A copy of the new rare coin as a Memento of The Hoarder's Hunt."
Chief Trader Mollie Shipmate.png
Chief Trader Mollie Shipmate 100,000 Gold
Merchant Alliance 95
Merchant Alliance "The tiny trader will keep you on your toes with its minute checklist."
Companion's Collar.png
Companion's Collar 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Fashioned from a well-loved belt, this collar is marked with the tag of a pirate's loyal animal companion."
Corsair Classics.png
Corsair Classics 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Erudite Captains never leave a port without some light reading. This time, it's the first draft of Archibald's salacious tell-all memoir, 'Confessions of a Diamond Matey'."
Corsair's Kettle.png
Corsair's Kettle 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "No matter the problem, a brew from this kettle will make everything right again."
Crossed Harpoons.png
Crossed Harpoons 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Said to be the weapons of a legendary spear fisherman. Don't tell anyone they're just the spares for the ship's harpoons."
Crystal of Volcanic Volition.png
Crystal of Volcanic Volition 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "This burnished gem was launched from deep within an erupting volcano at The Devil's Thirst, and kept as a keepsake of those boiling waters."
Cutthroat Trinket.png
Cutthroat Trinket 249 Ancient Coins n/a Cutthroat "A jagged prized said to have belonged to the supreme victor of a fighting tournament. They must have been a real trailblazer."
Davy Jones Portrait.png
Davy Jones Portrait 249 Ancient Coins n/a A Pirate's Life "A painting inspired by the notorious Davy Jones. Ferrying his likeness aboard your ship is a courageous act indeed..."
Death's Grip.png
Death's Grip 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A harrowing reminder of death's ever-present hold on life. Alternatively, someone really didn't want to lose their favourite carving knife."
Deconstructed Pot.png
Deconstructed Pot 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "The esoteric sculptor who made this daring piece claims it's a bold deconstruction of what it means to be. Others say it's just a smashed pot."
Devoted Dish.png
Devoted Dish 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Despite its chips and cracks, no-one can seem to let this dish go. It's practically one of the crew."
Diminutive Chest.png
Diminutive Chest 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A minute replica of a treasure chest. Here's hoping it contains an equally tiny Mermaid Gem."
Earthen Pot.png
Earthen Pot 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "This hefty pot is perfect for cooking a hearty stew. Or hiding your precious gems."
Elaine Figurine.png
Elaine Figurine Bundle Only
The Journey to Mêlée Island
The Journey to Mêlée Island emblem.png
The Journey to Mêlée Island
Mêlée Island "A best-selling figure depicting the fearless Elaine Marley-Threepwood, former Governor of Mêlée Island."
Emergency Grog.png
Emergency Grog 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Crack open these bottles in moments of extreme peril, or when you just really need a drink."
Fightin' Frogs Trinket.png
Fightin' Frogs Trinket 249 Ancient Coins n/a Fightin' Frogs "On a log sit these three frogs. After a few grogs, tales of their exploits will leave you agog. They definitely went the whole hog."
Floral Pitcher.png
Floral Pitcher 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Many pirates turn their hands to flower arranging as a way to de-stress after plundering. Flowers also cover up their horrendous smell."
Fragment of Untarnished Brimstone.png
Fragment of Untarnished Brimstone 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "This burning boulder makes for a wonderful discussion piece. Usually it's "where did that scorch mark come from?""
Gold Hoarder Shipmate.png
Gold Hoarder Shipmate 100,000 Gold
Gold Hoarders 95
Gold Hoarders "A plush replica of the greediest Gold Hoarder who ever sailed!"
Gold Hoarder Skull Trinket.png
Gold Hoarder Skull Trinket
n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A small version of the Gold Hoarder's skull for you to display on your ship."
Governor Guybrush Portrait.png
Governor Guybrush Portrait
Legendary Trial Master
Legendary Trial Master emblem.png
Legendary Trial Master
Legendary Commendation: Complete all Commendations for 'The Quest for Guybrush' Tall Tale.
Mêlée Island "A portrait of Guybrush Threepwood from one of his many exciting adventures. Display it proudly to prove that you're a mighty pirate!"
Governor Marley Portrait.png
Governor Marley Portrait 249 Ancient Coins n/a Mêlée Island "A portrait of Elaine Marley, painted back when she served as Governor of Mélée Island."
Guybrush Figurine.png
Guybrush Figurine Bundle Only
The Journey to Mêlée Island
The Journey to Mêlée Island emblem.png
The Journey to Mêlée Island
Mêlée Island "A best-selling figure depicting the Legend of Monkey Island performing undoubtedly heroic deeds."
Guybrush Portrait 1.png
Guybrush Portrait 1 249 Ancient Coins n/a Mêlée Island "The Legend of Monkey Island, depicted with a thoughtful, noble stance."
Guybrush Portrait 2.png
Guybrush Portrait 2 249 Ancient Coins n/a Mêlée Island "The Legend of Monkey Island, surely about to embark on another grand adventure."
Hand-Carved Captain's Courage.png
Hand-Carved Captain's Courage
Default item
n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A decorative piece that looks right at home aboard any Captained ship."
Hanging Target.png
Hanging Target 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Axe throwing has become the pastime du jour for the upper echelons of pirate society. Hang this up, and everyone will think you're one of them."
Hat Hanging Station.png
Hat Hanging Station 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "They say home is where you hang your hat. Let's hope you invited all those extra guests."
Hook Hanger.png
Hook Hanger 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Truly stylish buccaneers don't limit themselves to just one hook - they wear one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner."
Huntress Trinket.png
Huntress Trinket 249 Ancient Coins n/a Huntress "A sculpture of the Huntress whose aim was so perfect, she could shoot out the burning wick of a Gunpowder Barrel in the dark."
Idol o' Many Hands.png
Idol o' Many Hands
The Quest for Guybrush
The Quest for Guybrush emblem.png
The Quest for Guybrush
Mêlée Island "A long-lost artefact plundered from unknown shores. Possessing it proves the owner to be a born scoundrel and master of thievery."
Infernal Foliage.png
Infernal Foliage 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "With its striking reddish plume, this flower vase looks like a verdant volcano."
Jack Sparrow Portrait.png
Jack Sparrow Portrait 249 Ancient Coins n/a A Pirate's Life "A painting inspired by the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow, no doubt assessing his next grand adventure."
Lamps of Ghostly Green.png
Lamps of Ghostly Green 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Legend tells of a doomed mariner, hypnotised by the bewitching glow of these green globes."
Lamps of Glacial Glow.png
Lamps of Glacial Glow 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Due to their similarity to an infamous wintry lantern, the lighting of these frozen lamps can turn into an impromptu ritual."
Lamps of Warm Amber.png
Lamps of Warm Amber 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "While their warm glow may be thoroughly inviting, don't stare directly at these burning yellow orbs."
LeChuck Painting.png
LeChuck Painting
Do the Monkey!
Do the Monkey! emblem.png
Do the Monkey!
Legendary Commendation: Complete all Commendations for 'The Lair of LeChuck' Tall Tale.
Mêlée Island "A portrait of one of the most malevolent pirates to ever sail deep in the Caribbean. Hang it aboard your ship, if you dare..."
Lens of Magnification.png
Lens of Magnification 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Read the smallest of print on a faded treasure map with this ocular implement. Just don't accidentally set said map on fire by magnifying the sun's rays."
Luscious Fern.png
Luscious Fern 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "An explosion of frouds bursts forth from this pot. Be careful someone doesn't try to hand it in to the Merchant Alliance."
Madame Olivia Shipmate.png
Madame Olivia Shipmate 100,000 Gold
Order of Souls 95
Order of Souls "Your very own mystical Madame Olivia to keep your shelves safe from skeletons."
Map to the Sea of Thieves.png
Map to the Sea of Thieves
Default item
n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A sought-after parchment that once led you through the Devil's Shroud to reach these mythical waters."
Master Shipwright's Implements.png
Master Shipwright's Implements 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Absolutely nothing can go wrong with sticking your hand in a bucket of sharp objects during rough weather."
Masterpiece in Progress.png
Masterpiece in Progress 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A would-be whitter's first attempt at carving their Captain. Talk about a chiselled jawline."
Morning Post.png
Morning Post 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "The tag on these parcels say they're for a J. Roger, courtesy of C. Blackeye. Well, it's your post now."
Mountain of Crockery.png
Mountain of Crockery 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "The biggest cause of arguments among crews is not over treasure. It's over who has to do the washing up."
Night Wulf Trinket.png
Night Wulf Trinket 249 Ancient Coins n/a Night Wulf "Trick your fellow hunters into thinking you've slain the mighty Wulf with this impressive wooden bust."
Notice Board.png
Notice Board 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A battleground for passive-aggressive pirates."
Old Master's Canvas.png
Old Master's Canvas 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A spare canvas, recovered from the workshop of one of the pirate world's greatest artists. What masterpiece will you paint?"
Painter's Pot.png
Painter's Pot 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "This may just look like an ordinary paint pot - but the clay is of the highest quality, fired in an artisanal kiln heated by an erupting volcano."
Parasol Plant.png
Parasol Plant
Default item
n/a Standalone Cosmetics "If the sun's getting too hot, seek shelter in the shade of this plant's humongous leaves."
Pirate Potboilers.png
Pirate Potboilers 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A selection of tawdry tales, scandalous stories and fantastical fables - all written by a rather loose-lipped tavern keeper."
Plants of Plenty.png
Plants of Plenty 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Green-fingered pirates often make cuttings from Crates of Plants while on a delivery run. Let's hope Chief Trader Mollie doesn't notice."
Prudent Timekeeper.png
Prudent Timekeeper 100,000 Gold
Merchant Alliance 85
Merchant Alliance "Always deliver your precious crates to deadline with this trader-themed timepiece."
Quartermaster's Reserve.png
Quartermaster's Reserve 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Matured in a rotting keg dragged behind a ship, this liquor is the envy of grog connoisseurs everywhere."
Rack of Plentiful Holding.png
Rack of Plentiful Holding 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Why someone thought to hang their shovel on this hat rack is anyone's guess. Maybe you can dig up the truth."
Reaper's Heart Blueprint.png
Reaper's Heart Blueprint 100,000 Gold
Reaper's Bones 85
Reaper's Heart "Are you admiring the plans for the nefarious Reaper spy parrot or is he admiring you?"
Required Reading.png
Required Reading 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Brush up on the pirate basics with such classics as 'Bailing for Beginners' and 'So You've Found Yourself in the Brig'."
Rib Repository.png
Rib Repository 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Look away for a few seconds, and the ship's dog will be gnawing on one of these discarded bones."
Rope and Cleat.png
Rope and Cleat 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Practise your splitknots and cleat hitches with this handy apparatus."
Rope Coil.png
Rope Coil 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Forgot cannonballs or cutlasses, the humble rope is the true 'must have' in every pirate's toolkit. A literal lifeline."
Royal Sea Squirrel Trinket.png
Royal Sea Squirrel Trinket 249 Ancient Coins n/a Royal Sea Squirrel "If you're looking for something to even up a wonky table, this statue of a royal rodent and his golden acorn would work a treat."
Rustic Pans.png
Rustic Pans 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Lift your dishes to a higher plane of flavour, thanks to the pockets of rust and grime on these characterful pans."
Sack of Wonder.png
Sack of Wonder 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Something seems to be writhing about in this tattered old sack. Best leave it alone..."
Sawbones Trinket.png
Sawbones Trinket 249 Ancient Coins n/a Sawbones "You never know when you might need a flask of eyeballs close at hand."
Scrivener's Writing Set.png
Scrivener's Writing Set 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "There's something written on this scrap of yellowing parchment. It says: "eggs, milk, flour, sugar, butter, snake venom"."
Servant of the Flame Shipmate.png
Servant of the Flame Shipmate 100,000 Gold
Reaper's Bones 95
Reaper's Bones
Shady Climber.png
Shady Climber 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "The sap from this plant's wide leaves is known to be fairly toxic. Don't go leaving your dinner underneath it."
Smouldering Geode.png
Smouldering Geode 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Enjoy the hazy orange glow of this sulphurous rock. It should also distract from the smell."
Spare Wheel.png
Spare Wheel 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "After a couple of grogs, expect to find one of the crew desperately trying to steer the ship using this wonderfully rustic wall decoration."
Splashtail Skeleton.png
Splashtail Skeleton 10,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Pirates usually eat Splashtails bones and all. Someone must have been a very picky eater."
Spool of Rope.png
Spool of Rope 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics ""Only a fool sails with an empty spool!" - the mantra of ropemakers the world over."
Swabbie's Diary.png
Swabbie's Diary 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "A fresh-faced buccaneer's kept a record of their first adventures in this leather-bound journal. Along with doodling some unflattering pictures of their captain."
The Devil's Rosette.png
The Devil's Rosette 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "You'll want to wear gloves when handling the diabolical plant - expect a nasty stab if you mishandle its pointy leaves."
The Forgotten Bosun.png
The Forgotten Bosun 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "While thoroughly forgettable in life, this bosun's forever remembered in death as this macabre decoration. Rub its head for good luck."
The Mirror of Scrying Souls.png
The Mirror of Scrying Souls 100,000 Gold
Order of Souls 85
Order of Souls "Place this with care to pierce the veil, and glimpse a shadow in the glass."
Tia Dalma Portrait.png
Tia Dalma Portrait 249 Ancient Coins n/a A Pirate's Life "A painting inspired by the enigmatic Tia Dalma - also known, with great reverence, as the sea goddess Calypso."
Training Swords.png
Training Swords 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "After several accidental dismemberments, most buccaneers swapped to wooden practice swords."
Travel Flasks.png
Travel Flasks 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Upon the completion of an arduous journey, tradition states that the drinks in these flasks are shared with the whole crew."
Vault of Prosperity.png
Vault of Prosperity 100,000 Gold
Gold Hoarders 85
Gold Hoarders "Celebrate your stash with this special miniature Gold Hoarders vault!"
Well-Worn Tankards.png
Well-Worn Tankards 17,500 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "After many faithful years of grog swillin', these tankards could tell the lairiest of tales."
Woodcutter's Bounty.png
Woodcutter's Bounty 25,000 Gold n/a Standalone Cosmetics "Cue groans from the crew when some joker picks up one of these trunks and proclaims "I found the Captain's Log!""

Patch history

  • 2.7.1 (December 15, 2022)
    • Introduced the Fightin' Frogs Trinket, Huntress Trinket, and Night Wulf Trinket to the Pirate Emporium.
  • 2.7.0 (November 22, 2022)
    • Introduced the Bear & Bird Trinket, Cutthroat Trinket, and Royal Sea Squirrel Trinket to the Pirate Emporium.
  • 2.6.0 (August 4, 2022)
    • Introduced.