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Gold Treasure Vault Keys are Treasure Items in Sea of Thieves that are found as a reward for Wayfinder Voyages issued by the Gold Hoarders Trading Company. These Keys look like Totem statues that lead to Totem themed Gold Hoarder Treasure Vaults hidden on Large Islands all over The Sea of Thieves. The Keys can either be sold to the Gold Hoarders Representatives on Outposts who are willing to offer Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value for these Keys, or they can be used to open up a specific Gold Hoarder Treasure Vault for a chance for more valuable Treasure.

Where to find

Gold Treasure Vault Keys can only be acquired during Rank 45+ Wayfinder Voyages issued by Gold Hoarders. The Ashen Reach and Fetcher's Rest are exclusive to the Ashen Wayfinder Voyage sold at Morrow's Peak. During the Voyage, players will gain access to a Golden Wayfinder Compass in their Quest Radial Menu, leading them to the buried locations of Torn Map Parchments. These Parchments will make up a Torn Treasure Map that reveals the location of the Key as an X on a Large Island. The X will reveal a Collector’s Chest with Gold and one Treasure Vault Key inside. Players do not need to complete the whole Torn Map to complete the Voyage. If the first parchments already reveal the location of the X and Players recognize the Island, they can go and immediately dig it up.

Types of Gold Treasure Vault Keys

There are a total of 7 types of Gold Treasure Vault Keys corresponding to 7 different Totem-themed Gold Hoarder Treasure Vaults.

Key Totem Island Inscription Vault Location
Crescent Isle Gold Key Moon Totem Crescent Isle The moon shines bright within the island's large cave. Inside the Northern side of the Island's inner Cave system.
Mermaid's Hideaway Gold Key Snake Totem Mermaid's Hideaway The snake slithers in sand under the island's grand archway. Under the North-Western Stone Arch.
Crook's Hollow Gold Key Scarab Totem Crook's Hollow The scarab hides in the cave near the island's tears. Right inside the Cave opening by the Eastern waterfall.
Devil's Ridge Gold Key Boar Totem Devil's Ridge The boar cowers in sand beneath the vast cliff on the island's east beach. Amidst the rocks on the South-Eastern beach.
Kraken's Fall Gold Key Shark Totem Kraken's Fall The shark awaits in lonely rocks near twin palms, beneath the great rock spine of the island. Amidst the Northern cliff-face under the Island's central Arch.
Fetcher's Rest Gold Key Eagle Totem Fetcher's Rest The eagle perches in a glowing cave near the island's central arch. In the central cave system, next to Eagle cave paintings.
Ashen Reaches Gold Key Sun Totem Ashen Reaches The sun sets against rocks within the island's north west tunnel. In the middle of a northern cave system cutting through the island.


All Gold Treasure Vault Keys have the same value and can be sold to the following NPCs:

The following is the reward chart for a sold Gold Treasure Vault Key

Emissary Grade Gold (Min.) Gold (Max.) Emissary Value
No Emissary 3,600 Gold 3,750 Gold 0
I 3,600 Gold 3,750 Gold 11325
II 4,788 Gold 4,987 Gold 15062.25
III 6,012 Gold 6,262 Gold 18912.75
IV 7,200 Gold 7,500 Gold 22650
V 9,000 Gold 9,375 Gold 28312.5




Gold Hoarders Commendations:

Reaper's Bones Commendations: