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Hungering Deep journals

Merrick's first set of journals were added during The Hungering Deep event. They provided clues to helping players discover both the location and summoning ritual required to battle The Hungering One. During the event, each journal typically had two entries, and would provide clues leading to an NPC who in turn would lead the player to the next journal. In total there were three journals in order: XX, V, and I.

Merrick's Journal XX

(Found on Shark Bait Cove)

Dialogue icon.png

One of Merrick's journals has been discarded here.
(Text prompt during The Hungering Deep event)

Merrick has left behind a journal...
(Text prompt after The Hungering Deep event)

Read Page 26: Disaster! (Only during The Hungering Deep event)

Disaster has struck! I played me new shanty with me new crew, inspired by the notes of the old tribes. Even another ship joined in!
But... the beat somehow called to a creature... just like what the tribes worshipped. It was over in moments.
The sea was red before, but much more so after. Me crew were reduced to nothin' but shark bait, along wiv' me legs. The last of us fled.
I've noted the map number, in case I ever get so drunk I forget. The letter needed is one dear to me heart.

Read Page 30: Goin' for a drink! (Only during The Hungering Deep event)

I'm goin' for a drink! I'll charm one out of me favourite tavern keeper, with a little romantic verse...
Red haired and fair of face, her tavern stands at a shining place!
A place where captains hang their hats, head there for boozy chats!

Read 'Vengeance at last!' (Only after The Hungering Deep event)

Well, knock me down wiv a chicken feather, if the pirates of the Sea of Thieves didn't rally round this old drunk when I needed them most.
I had so many people listenin' to me tale, goin' out to battle the Hungering One!
In fact... really quite a LOT of pirates said they killed the beast. In thousands of different, conflictin' ways. Strange times we live in...
I made enough figureheads and drums to fill in the ocean, I reckon!
I appreciate the support, but I need to go away for a while and rest me whittlin' hand.
Besides, I had a bath and I don't think the skellies will leave me alone much longer.
Safe voyages, fellow pirates!

Merrick's Journal V

(Found at The Reaper's Hideout)

Dialogue icon.png

One of Merrick's journals has been discarded here.
(Text prompt during The Hungering Deep event)

Merrick has left behind a journal...
(Text prompt after The Hungering Deep event)

Read Page 12: Back to the wreckage (Only during The Hungering Deep event)

Why do I TorrTure meseff? Comin back to the wreckij of th Killer Whale.
If I could summon the shark again... I could avenge me CRew. An me legses.
I went Too the same spot, but he isn't comin. What's difrent?
Mebbe I'm tooo drunk. Can't harrdly writ. Gonna get a cuppa T, clerr my head.

Read Page 12: A grog from T. (Only during The Hungering Deep event)

Tea is too.. sobering. Gonna get more grog, from me dear... whassAName. T somehinge. Find herr from my romantic verse:
The tavern that hass a nasty bite, where the drunks sslither evry nighT.
The BARkeep's fond o her ownn grogg, a scarred beaut in a Wild spott.
Rhymin's hard when you canT sea strait.

Read 'One last shanty...' (Only after The Hungering Deep event)

Before I retire, I wanted to write one last shanty, inspired by some words I heard being bellowed from me speaking trumpets.
This one definitely won't summon any man-eating sea monsters. In fact, I promise not to cause so much trouble ever again:
We're no strangers, to this cove...
You know the pirate code and so do I!
A pile of treasure's what I'm thinking of...
You wouldn't get this from any other pi...rate!
Never gonna brig you up,
Never gonna let you drown,
Never gonna sail around,
And maroon you!
Never gonna steal your eye,
Never gonna not say 'aye'!
Never gonna sell your booty,
For a doubloon!
... it's a work in progress. I think I'll let me fellow pirates fill in the gaps.
My son Derrick seems to think it's hilarious. He suggested the title 'Merrick Rolled'. I don't get it.

Merrick's Journal I

(Found on Uncharted Island (N-13))

Dialogue icon.png

One of Merrick's journals has been discarded here.
(Text prompt during The Hungering Deep event)

Merrick has left behind a journal...
(Text prompt after The Hungering Deep event)

Read Page 23: Back to me hideout. (Only during The Hungering Deep event)

Back to me hideout, where I do me best writin'. Must admit, I didn't like making the swim, knowing what's out there.
Thankfully, it seems to stay near that infernal ridge.
I don't know how to get my revenge on that spiteful shark. Maybe I'll go back to the grog.
I stole animals from the Merchant Alliance for bait, but that didn't work. I tried me shanty again, but one man cannot call the beast alone.

Read Page 26: Retiring. (Only during The Hungering Deep event)

If worthy enough souls could learn me shanty... no, it's too dangerous.
I'm stocking up on grog, going to Shark Bait Cove, and retiring me drums.
I'll be there, crafting new drums, just in case someone does prove their worth.

Read 'Un-beard-lievable' (Only after The Hungering Deep event)

One of the oddest tales I heard from those pirates who went out to avenge me crew, was the story of a bearded stranger with a death wish!
They say he fought and defeated the Hungering One... all on his own! Why? I have no idea.
Seems he took it on man-against-fish, armed only with a sloop and a live chicken on the bowspirit! Some sort of protective ritual?
I hear he was naked too! That was very brave, considering it happily bit off my legs.
They fought for a whole day and night, but our hirsute hero prevailed! I hope he put me figurehead to good use... and sold it to buy some trousers.

Lost Sands journals

Merrick's Lost Sands journals were found exclusively during the the time-limited Lost Sands Adventure.

The journals are written by Merrick during his stay at Golden Sands Outpost while he assists in their efforts to rebuild.

Setting Sail Again

(By a barrel in front of the trading post, Stephen's Spoils

Dialogue icon.png

Here I am again, back on the ol' Sea Post and staring out at the waves. Used to be I was quite content to watch the world pass me by. Not any more!
When Belle and I were stranded on the Killer Whale, she filled me noggin with all sorts of stories. I reckon she's been to every corner of the Sea of the Damned and back.
After all of that, coming home and picking up a fishing rod just didn't feel the same. Thing is, I never expected to see her again, so thought I didn't have much of a choice.
Then last night, I heard the sound of her buoy ringing up from the deep. Turns out she had some unfinished business, and a mind that I could set things right.
I've got a lot of work to do, but if Belle believes in my, maybe ol' Merrick really can be the one to save Golden Sands...


Setting Sail Again Journal Location.png


(Near a yellow banner on the south west side of the far east islet, Golden Sands Outpost.)

Dialogue icon.png

Here we are then, back at Golden Sands at last. It doesn't exactly feel welcoming, but I'm putting on a brave face to keep people in good spirits.
Truth be told, I'm worried that Flameheart and his Reapers will get wind of what we're doing out here, but there's no turning back now.
What we need most right now is... well, everything. Tina and Sharon have volunteered to find supplies, so at least we'll have something to drink.
Problem is, Rowboats can only get you so far. If we're to bring back all the supplies I'm after, we'll need a ship - and a ship needs a crew.
If I can get word to Larinna, I'm sure she'll send pirates our way. Golden Sands was a beautiful place once. With their help, it can be again.


Homecoming Journal Location.png

Finding Help

(On a group of pebbles to the north side of the beach surrounding the bay, near a large rock face, Cannon Cove.)

Dialogue icon.png

Once Flameheart's Fortresses had been cleared out, the Bilge Rats swept in to take the prisoners home - except they didn't have an Outpost to go home to.
Larinna found 'em all places to stay, but they were scattered here and there across the seas, not everyone believed Golden Sands could be saved.
Something told me Wonda would have been keen to help, and my instincts were spot on. She was still livid that Flameheart had kidnapped her in the first place.
Once Wonda was with me, others soon agreed to join our cause. Never get on the wrong side of anyone who makes pointy things for a living, says I!
We're not heading to Golden Sands right away, though. Belle was very clear about what has to happen first...


Finding Help Journal Location.png

Digging Up Trouble

(Under a propped up fishing net by the far east beach rock, Smugglers' Bay.)

Dialogue icon.png

Some would say that fog is a sailor's worst enemy. If you ask me, that's only 'cos they've never had to tangle with a hungry Megalodon!
Even so, they might have a point. Flameheart knew that an island covered in clouds would be no use to anyone, least of all the Trading Companies.
Once the fog had rolled in, the Reapers could hide there in plain sight, summoning their Soulflame Captains and stirring up other sorts of trouble.
At long last, Belle figured out how they'd done it. Dark Relics, buried all across The Shores of Plenty in such a way as to shroud the Outpost.
Now we're out here with shovels in hand, digging up Relic Caches and smashing 'em to bits. Once we're done, Golden Sands should start to recover...


Digging Up Trouble Journal Location.png